Woman wearing romper on American Airlines flight asked to get off plane

Dr. Trisha Rowe, who was traveling with her young son, was asked to depart a flight from Jamaica to Miami for wearing a romper.
3:49 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for Woman wearing romper on American Airlines flight asked to get off plane
Move on to an outrageous story a doctor from Houston says she was humiliated by an airline employee who told her to cover up if she wanted to stay on board her flight. From Jamaica to Miami with her sons so Paula there is joins me right now with more details. I can't even really of imagine is especially if you're already seated on the plane. She was seated on the plane yet with her young son in Jamaica. On her way to Miami wearing that romper that you've just sock. And hey it African American flight attendant told her to come to the front of the plane. And then another African American flight attendant told her that she needed to put a jacket. She's as I don't have a jacket I'm in Jamaica as hot. So she has Arnie guy on the walk of shame and and deep planed. And now they tell her that she has to Wear a blanket and cover ups now she is absolutely humiliated. Why expect her seat in the walk of shame covered in a blanket because they told her that that romper right there that you're looking that wishes to rest day. It's interesting though because it doesn't look risque in my opinion and I just can't imagine. Why this would be happening to her she says it's about race she can't and again it was to African American flight attendants then told her that she needed to cover wrap she says quote that we are police for being black and she says women's bodies in general. Are over sexual life she also claims at their. Several other women on the plane who had similar outfits but. Yet did it fit that particular racial profile and so that's why she feels that she's being policed and that she her body in particular is being. I'm over sexual iced. And I think one of the parts about the story that sort of made me sad was her son who was crying at this incidents seeing his mother treated like this your son was right next to her them on time he had deep claimed he saw how she was treated. She says yes that was really tapped only when she humiliated by she felt really bad for her little boy who had to experience it experience something like this in desperate behavior. And yeah that's something that she's gonna have to work through you know as a mom and try to explain to her side yes Sam. Life isn't fair but you know in this particular. Situation. An American Airlines they have issued an apology they've issued a refund they say that there hiring a chief diversion from serie diversity and inclusion on just there. They she says that's not enough. If they're going to hold her to a certain. The sartorial. Standard a certain wardrobe standard. A dress code scanner than it needs to be consistent again their other people on the plane who had similar if not shorter more every meal only outfits we looked up the American Airlines. Policy and they just say in it's it's very. It's very bank may save dress and offensively and dress appropriately yeah. If you're traveling from Jamaica. To Miami now looks pretty durn appropriate yeah it does it's pretty Akron at an unfortunate. I hate it happens but. American Airlines they gave her refunds is that what they every find via. And they offered her an apology and again they have the death and higher diversity inclusion on this or she's innocent or not he got it. You can't it's like having children and and and having different sets of rules for each child have to be K you're going to enforce the policy. And it should be completely consistent across the board but obviously very. Frustrating for her and mean she's a physician she says people take me seriously when I have the white jacket on but when I have that rock on the Dow. The frustrating humiliating for her but also something that her son house to ass and she Aston. Angelina she has to deal with that Harrington and use it as a teaching moment for now Apollo affairs I appreciate you being here. I today we keep a New Jersey outside away and completely appropriate health. I appreciate that they'd Kia.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Dr. Trisha Rowe, who was traveling with her young son, was asked to depart a flight from Jamaica to Miami for wearing a romper. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64269129","title":"Woman wearing romper on American Airlines flight asked to get off plane","url":"/US/video/woman-wearing-romper-american-airlines-flight-asked-off-64269129"}