Anderson Cooper Goes Temporarily Blind

The CNN anchor was blinded after sunlight reflected off water and hit his eyes.
3:00 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Anderson Cooper Goes Temporarily Blind
Well lasts is always good to have you back for -- weeks there it is -- for all of us are good things we've -- I think he should join -- -- here. That it will cement and -- always remember you -- that's five. The death. Beavis and Anderson Cooper former world news now anchor experiencing temporary blindness and -- -- experience while he was shooting on location in Portugal. But last week he will be -- -- temporary brightening her blindness for 36 hours posted this photo of him -- in an eye -- it turns out. That the reflection. Off of the water caused temporary blindness because of his light blue dyed his sunburned his eyes while -- -- to -- I wake up in the middle of the night. And it feels like my eyes are on fire my eyeballs and I think oh well maybe I have sand in my eyes -- some -- I doubt as my my odds of water anyway. It turns out I have I have sunburned at my eyeballs. And I'd go blind. And. That's frightening round I didn't get sunburned her I had no idea -- there but of course his vision returned. He -- that that pic of him that he posted on Amsterdam that it can work well in the match dot com profile -- Look at trends and are far better ways to go blind side -- This this is choosing to Jay-Z of course it had a big run. Barclays center. Camera in Brooklyn new stadium -- your new arena out here -- 343 birthday was this week as well. And so they released this documentary kind of documenting his -- -- stint there in Brooklyn. -- one highly from the movie which are not -- which is called where I'm from. He's taking the subway to his final show in Brooklyn and meets a woman who just has no idea who in the world he has signal -- And we'll go to. It's you know. -- -- -- -- -- My name in jail today. Helen McCain and -- What do you. News today. That was -- -- don't -- -- literally had no idea. And very sweet conversation coolly to the subway cool that he was talking to woman who clearly that didn't -- -- care who he was a critical moment caught on film so again that documentary is called where I'm from check it out. And you have to believe for somebody as famous and iconic as -- it's kind of nice to have years. He anonymity must really add -- quick little subway -- Right OK so Malcolm in the Middle -- frank communion to it just turned 27 a bit of a frightening experience for him he's haven't been Malcolm in the Middle stopped. The finish back in 2006 after a six year run -- -- Pat seven mini stroke last week -- he was taken to an Arizona hospital because -- -- was extremely weird he was slow marine. -- could not they couldn't understand what he was saying he had trouble speaking. And he tweeting this he says I was in the hospital last Friday suffered a -- -- of it was not -- at all have to start taking care my body I am getting old doctors not sure of the cause there. Have your preliminary. Tests and said the results have not been released but he is scheduled to begin touring with his band excuse for also he's a musician but they -- that have to be -- -- young you have to wonder whether -- 27 it is genetic you know -- some. I'm behind -- whereabouts is so young for. A stroke lead it was an annual ladies and I that -- forgot that -- Also guess who's coming back to television -- general -- trim size delta and Kramer is coming back -- -- a show called Jon it may be on TV legend out of play character opposite. Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman. I'm gonna play a limo driver to Broadway star Madison bank -- played by Kirstie Alley whose life -- upturn when her long lost son looks to reconnect with her after the death -- his adopted mothers -- Kramer. Coming back to TV after all the easier to decide what felt went off the -- Cleveland no more brand -- the image clean and welcome back Kramer yeah and -- giddy up.

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{"id":17882532,"title":"Anderson Cooper Goes Temporarily Blind","duration":"3:00","description":"The CNN anchor was blinded after sunlight reflected off water and hit his eyes. ","url":"/WNN/video/anderson-cooper-temporarily-blind-17882532","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}