Dancing Grandpa Takes Over the Dance Floor

New viral video shows elderly man throwing away his canes and tearing up the dance floor.
2:55 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Dancing Grandpa Takes Over the Dance Floor
-- time now the next I'd love it when old people. So while the people it's -- my favorite especially digital video take a look at this video of this old man -- -- wedding party did well. He didn't -- and -- -- out your rock around the clock at a wedding party the newest viral video and look. I love them putting anything on V -- -- throwing down McCain's -- -- -- -- and that -- start dancing with one woman. And act a little bit later he's got to Gwinnett clients -- only way to vent its way to dance on board at least it was -- America. 141000 news on news and -- and you see why I love that guy. I loved that put on the table publicly that the next time -- I don't know Taylor downed Kenyan Jane theme music video effective. Well how about this story I love make -- stories -- I think you're gonna love this one. Little boy Tom. -- woke up 1 morning Sunday morning Terry is right there to police calling him saying we need your help catching bandits. All they had done this thing where they had done and for -- day he became an official member of the police force being sworn in as a police officer in the Albuquerque police department. He them was promoted to squad and they had a goal around the city. And can expand its a hundred -- Albuquerque police department officers were involved in this. He became the honorary chief for the day -- his -- said he was so excited leading up to this day couldn't sleep for days I believe that wonderful wonderful story and the Albuquerque police department for doing a wonderful. What a great example of what it's every boy's Andre -- of -- now speaking of dreams I dream of my husband beat him in my daughter's care. What -- dads and daughters and their hair but check out this video. A man in -- -- -- -- -- cleaner. To do his daughters Karen by the second his first at YouTube me tight around the vacuum cleaner -- even his daughter's long dresses you see there. And then once your hair is also acted behind her head to people they are often not only is Stephen and it can -- -- turnarounds. That happened tied around the back you. They've -- -- and think oh my god I'm not I'm not sure I would try this at home to be on it. I would definitely not -- -- at home yeah. Speculate if I tried that the girl would have no more yeah. One more for you. If you hate you if you're like me you're kind of tired of dry cleaners there is a new device coming out that you may love listened -- that's called the swaps -- Being put out by Procter & Gamble it eliminates wrinkles and smells there's a picture of the right there but you just put it for ten minutes no water. And it -- the closed. Flatten out the wrinkles how much is this do we know it's about 499. So it cost a pretty penny but it might be worth I'm going out of life.

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{"id":24658865,"title":"Dancing Grandpa Takes Over the Dance Floor","duration":"2:55","description":"New viral video shows elderly man throwing away his canes and tearing up the dance floor.","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-grandpa-takes-dance-floor-24658865","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}