Debate over reopening schools

The debate intensifies as the U.S. coronavirus death toll nears 157,000. ABC's Megan Tevrizian reports.
3:15 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for Debate over reopening schools
Now to the debate over reopening schools with more teachers protest thing and mowers states announcing restrictions that comes as president prompt. Is accused of downplaying the court of ours Depp told saying quote. It is what it is ABC's Megan temper is Ian has the latest. This morning scenes of crowded hallways at this Georgia school sparking new concern about the spread of corona virus among students. These interactive map from the New York Times shows how many people could show up to school unknowingly infected during the first week of classes. Counties in Orange indicate at least to fight infections for every 1000 students and school staff read more than ten. You have a lot of community spread and the probability you how being a positive person return. She school or anywhere for that matter is going to be higher. Madison County Texas set to restart classes August 19 is reporting the highest risk in the nation. And according to the times analysis could have an estimated 400 in twenty coal deposit if people roaming the halls but it Mississippi some families already sending their kids back to class. The governor imposed dean in new safety measures. I will sign an executive order there requires the use of mass. All adults and all children. In our schools. In Arizona a teachers are protesting plans to resume face to face classes. I'm scared this remains in the diet. One school dear Phoenix struggling after one teacher died. Others now in quarantine. Sudan's. Stay at their Stanley they're gonna need. In danger. Today in Chicago Public Schools are expected to announce plans. To switch to an all remote semester amid a strike threat from the teacher's union based preschool in California is taking a creative approach to keeping kids safe. Students given hula hoops to help and still shall distance that corona virus task force coordinator doctor Deborah Burke. Says the country is making new strides in controlling the virus. But she warns we should brace for a wave of new deaths in the next two weeks on Tuesday president trump claimed. Once again that the US is better off than other countries when it comes to the death rate. But then he added this qualifying statements. New York had a very tough time as you know new York New Jersey when you take that out our numbers are among the lowest. The president now accused of downplaying the nation's 100 in 56000. Deaths during this interview with axial as an HBO. They are dying that's true and you had it is what it is but amid all the struggles stories of survival this coded patient in New York. Is finally home after spending a 132. Days in the hospital. When I went down it was only a hundred and when I were only two million are what are you serious. Is gore still fighting you. Opens and a rod and Madonna announced he's skipping your attorney because a corona high concerns the world's top women's tennis player actually Barnes said. She will also an attorney for coping. US open will begin later this. And think yeah.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The debate intensifies as the U.S. coronavirus death toll nears 157,000. ABC's Megan Tevrizian reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72184539","title":"Debate over reopening schools","url":"/WNN/video/debate-reopening-schools-72184539"}