First Doughnut in Space

A group of Swedish amateur astronauts in Norway sent the first doughnut to the edge of space using a weather balloon.
2:50 | 04/14/15

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Transcript for First Doughnut in Space
One now what doughnut has gone where no doughnut has gone before player speaks all. A final frontier that's exactly right you see it a year ago for no reason science. It folks constructed this weather balloon put the diners are up we're dead video. And then shot it up into the air you see right there there is never going higher and that it ends up coming back down and eventually hit the water. But they have a tip for hosts I Tisza wanna send pastries to the mood. Here's a tip get a permit if you want a lifestyle that's in the space apparently need to pick up the donuts based on department at your local City Council I can't sentinel Italians opened. Nice that Italian who wanted an espresso maker yeah I can't send her donor. You know it's a bummer that unless you as a government futile legal I've only got to get your permit don't word Italian personal experience OK now what about this. We are right. Jeopardy right you but those people are so Smart they have all the answers well take a look at this answer to a final jeopardy question outstretched take it away. Be Caucasian isthmus. Lies between these two large. Inland bodies of water now Alex you've got 26400. Now. Let's see what you did. What is I love you Jenny thanks for everything. And that hi Seth what do you got everyone in there. What you're wrong in terms of our clue budget only the penny. Alex your back and let water and I didn't know that that's not the Caucasian business it's not so I was up I don't that's just funny. But apparently the guy when he gets to move on play the next day programs it would have been aware that that's what I would do hi mom and set up a. Caucasian business what is the company has a certificate. What don't this apartment someone's actually paying 17100. Night dollars. Pretty sad place not this apartment with a shower that's shower right in the kitchen it's in New York City apartment right is that right Tass deputy Jeff it totally has to be your rates. Ed and it's sort of bad realistic in New York City. You usually hear about it but it's pretty perfect for us yeah. Even the road to skip there you know that's why it that's free of broad and Spezza that they and I. There is room job with Lehman. The good news is there's a separate room for your bad. On the toilet that's right about that and hoopla. OK and take a look at I just what did it take a look at this. Football player JJ watt taken away. Okay five feet one inches I'll just let that Meredith. I watch. Cool. Here's the thing he has 293. Pounds he just jumped five feet one inches on the that big old block something I can't even do half that. Wow you must look at a Manassas man. Wheaties Sonia.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"A group of Swedish amateur astronauts in Norway sent the first doughnut to the edge of space using a weather balloon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30300567","title":"First Doughnut in Space","url":"/WNN/video/doughnut-space-30300567"}