Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Pup Born at Conservation Center

An 8-day-old pup is found to be healthy and strong at its first-ever health check.
3:24 | 05/31/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Pup Born at Conservation Center
First centuries the wolf has been trying to live down a bad rapped many of us can hardly say the word at wolf without at least they of those. Two other words big and bat or Michael J. Fox but experts say that couldn't be further from the truth and on this. Final day of a month dedicated to endangered species. We visited one organization working hard to save the wolf from extinction. And a well known character from many bedtime stories that paint and yeah the wolf often feared Ford's powerful and teach skills. But the people at the wolf conservation center in Westchester New York say the big bad reputation. As little more than a fairy tale. Greatest misconception about wolves is that that pose a danger to people in fact they're really elusive little shy creatures and wolves really have earned. Wrecking it being something not to get us it's really the last thing they wanted dale. Executive director Maggie how this how. It's really her name. Has spent the last eleven years working toward conservation and recovery of several wolf species one in particular the Mexican gray wolf. Just sit a somber milestone forty years on the critically endangered listing. Decades ago when their numbers were getting so low. Basin of the government want it to identify as many wolves out the wildest possible. And see if they could be recovered by bringing them into captivity. Starting a breeding program. And then having attest to release them back out when they went around survey looking for the last remaining Mexican wolves are Lullabot if they've came up with savage. And so the founding population of all Mexican wolves in the planet right now. It's only seven individuals. That WCC is one of 54 facilities taking part in the Mexican wolf species survival plan and though there are still left some 100 of them and wild. Every spring some lucky Sanders get to experience the birth of one of the rarest creatures in the world. A species fighting for survival one small bundle at a time. This toughest just about a week old. To boys and it looks very healthy and very strong and robust just. Awesome. This little guy goes by trumpet and one day he'll be considered for release into the natural habitat. He neither Arizona New Mexico or northern Mexico does really important safeguard their natural behavior. If we want them to be wild wolves so most of them are visitors will never see except my webcam we feed them really. Appropriate food it's really whole carcass road killed deer and we're really does hands off. It's our responsibility to give them a speckled hand. This second chance they're getting means arranging marriages which. Aren't always successful when it comes at any management decision Weathers who is waiting with whom are well guess to be released. Really genetics is at the Helm. When making decisions. This little pup doing his small part to keep the species going and changing perceptions about the big bad scary war. And speaking of what were you Mora team Edward or team Jacob from twilight. You know I. I'm gonna have to do go back windows I have I don't. This anything about that little puppy look bigger bad not saying until it gets bigger their names.

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{"id":39496248,"title":"Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Pup Born at Conservation Center","duration":"3:24","description":"An 8-day-old pup is found to be healthy and strong at its first-ever health check.","url":"/WNN/video/endangered-mexican-gray-wolf-pup-born-conservation-center-39496248","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}