'Fast & Furious' Star to Play Wonder Woman

Israeli actress Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in new "Batman vs. Superman" movie.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Fast & Furious' Star to Play Wonder Woman
-- -- so we have the latest in the new movie that's coming out and a couple of years baton and vs Superman it's no brainer Superman. Each day he got all the power economists like where and -- about him. Well Ben Affleck by the way is playing -- man and we now know who'll be Wonder Woman opposite. That man and cigarette apparently it's an Israeli actress. Getting his -- he added. And she is absolutely stunning. Absolutely. Stunning she by the way she rose to fame but by being -- on the fourth fifth and six installations of the fast and the furious. She -- her FaceBook page to talk about how excited she is writing I can't express how happy and excited excited I -- to be part of this amazing project she's 28 years old. She will play the iconic Diane -- friends with a super strength and speed and agility to rise -- invisible planes apparently buys not exactly like Superman. Or an amendment needs to cave it's coming at 2015 years a couple of really cool things about that everybody needs to know she can kick -- and -- Nobody is a -- cushion as part of the Israeli army for two years worked as a fitness instructor. Deadly and you know yeah she's former miss Israel 2004 she likes motorcycles reportedly on -- -- -- from. That's pretty cool she's not just got -- Maryland home and she was. -- ways the recently passed away and that horrible accident. Paul Walker from the fast and furious she's -- -- we have our work cut upriver from China in love with Linda Carter and an -- I'm telling you what. I appreciate the governor and she's a woman to keep up Lynda Carter and -- I just say that out loud beyoncé let's -- her official Tumblr pages from very busy this year and now she's been posing a lot of posting a lot of pictures of her travels. Great bikini jobs he's been posing. -- -- -- -- -- you right to know I'm one of a beach that is its -- this is meant. There's been globe trotting documenting her adventures just about every step of the way I think -- edgy he's 44 birthday sky -- a Blue -- there. Wearing a black -- Jack gold and -- Carter so that Pat Neshek and yeah there Tumblr page get to work -- instead they're looking good as ever. Are coming -- sticking -- -- just like everybody and her mama everybody's got and they cannot Miley Cyrus so now Cindy who is a much older and submit to wiser in her ways because she had to -- She aspire. In this -- Miley Cyrus -- well do you know what. She is -- 83 years ago she's a party girl she likes to have some fun -- be best friends if I knew her. You know she's crazy and she likes to go out a lot of that's basically -- she says three years ago there's -- -- all the video of Snooki from the Jersey Shore just kind of we're using -- -- you know she was completely wasted got arrested at -- And this is home she much better in the news and -- is actually kind of elegant Eileen. She let one sort of problem that is much as they are similar Miley has talent like she can sing hints that the reality jumpers I completely. Season artists. And slightly different -- I think Miley she's gonna acknowledges he's going to south having had a quick one Chelsea -- a got a new do. Let out little bobcat much like her BF theft by Jennifer -- reflect the total going right as she looks great like it she doesn't like Jennifer international she's done with pairs. -- -- -- much easier. Two take care of and anyway it looks really good I didn't realize they were BF that apparently that the F that's -- at the same.

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{"id":21106587,"title":"'Fast & Furious' Star to Play Wonder Woman","duration":"3:00","description":"Israeli actress Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in new \"Batman vs. Superman\" movie.","url":"/WNN/video/fast-furious-star-play-woman-21106587","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}