Friends, 82 and 83, Take a Birthday Skydive

Lois Kettley celebrated her 83rd birthday with friend Suzanne Bernardi, 82, by jumping from plane.
2:48 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Friends, 82 and 83, Take a Birthday Skydive
And now it's time for the mix so -- two women -- 82 and 83 they have -- lunch together on Wednesday to husbands died they've done every shopping together. And they've also done this together. Scott I can you believe. Eighty something years old they jumped 141000. PM Friday Chicago land diving center. And we're shallow to celebrate -- -- 83. -- for sixty minutes like that. Thank you shouldn't yes and they did it. To kick out the birthday they're kind of like George hw bush yeah I know that hosted. Hang out with them but not the first time -- has done it three times in Indiana has jumped twice their -- -- to mind they are good for them because I would never. Let's be available -- -- -- cuts and they're walking down the hot shots. I love it. Phenomenon I love -- -- older people show myself aren't I get some forty and it's probably perfect for people watching this show perfect for us -- is that first of its kind a mix of coffee and why it is. -- drink -- from friends fund. -- contains 6% alcohol and comes an aluminum can make you tired. And why -- you get in two flavors -- cavern they hate. Call faith expresso or shot -- -- Chardonnay coffee. Cappuccino now he had the New York Daily News their case kitchen they were skeptical they -- The job won't -- -- this is Red -- for Kathy cartoons but another person a described that is why dessert like coffee ice cream stirred up. In why and it cost just a buck 99 you can't get coffee or. -- line -- are also -- Connolly got -- so here we gotta tell you got to think. And when you're just doing you don't forget -- -- sunset I'm sorry about that what global community should on the -- -- and don't know what you're brave actions get quite get uncomfortable. -- and another -- but you know drinking. Can you guess which are the top five states for most beer consumption. Can you -- here's your here's a hit their all cold states throughout yeah I think that was called State's number one. North Dakota -- -- yet. New Hampshire Montana South Dakota Vermont and that particular Warner may look dad CDC stats cents a stats tax -- And that's how they came up with BM. Who's ahead who's -- -- -- yeah. We drink here in New York. Our -- so -- expect a warm welcome bringing smiles to people's faces on the Internet comedian shot Harrison. He posted two videos of his son Tyler how returning to school after being out for a week with a stomach virus -- It shows they are not -- time no they give a warm welcome that coming up to him. Greeting him making him feel special after being absent tonight that isn't -- -- I don't know what is I love it.

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{"id":24448784,"title":"Friends, 82 and 83, Take a Birthday Skydive","duration":"2:48","description":"Lois Kettley celebrated her 83rd birthday with friend Suzanne Bernardi, 82, by jumping from plane.","url":"/WNN/video/friends-82-83-birthday-skydive-24448784","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}