High Flying: A look inside Emirates first class

ABC's Kendis Gibson sees what a $28,000 first-class ticket gets you (spoiler: world-class food and even a shower!)
6:16 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for High Flying: A look inside Emirates first class
Uncorked a lot and as we're kicking off the first leg of tennis is big adventure to the Arabian Peninsula. And I got to fly in style ideal guy. We would be but emirates air invited us along for the most exclusive and expensive commercial flying experience ever. The Airbus 8380. The world's largest airline a double Decker. Everett has more of these big boys than any other airline in the world experts classes we offered rated among the in the industry. And today. And here I get a sneak peek of what it's like to claim these fears. An injury to first class ended. Is it is 2000 down there won't move the Indian. Albeit temper. Each of the fourteen private first class suites some word they emirates a 380 is 82 inches long the round trip to divide. You about 28000. Dollars. You're the best world news now anchored since TJ. Holmes New York. Two different amenities hit the ladies that meant but after getting a sneak peek at this week. For the light hello hi I'm Mike please just take my place in the back the entire lower floor of the emirates ingredients economy seats even. Those are two best knowing how these segments ago. Yeah sensitive to be playing. We're getting kicked out. This is me. Welcome back and it's okay Hoffman Erik yeah I agree to. I'm moving first yes art. Moving the first. We wrote in New York beard but it's. Now that the flight is taking up its juices. Oh yeah. I moves really slow flying in Everett's first class it's the stuff of dreams and Jennifer Aniston conversion. Behind. Yeah it can help you sir Korea over the best campaign. I've probably been since I'm going to be going to play pretty sick here we'll. Now back to reality and still couldn't. Especially as 31 night. Beverage service starts early and his frequent. Getting all spit read up Korea these flight attendants have to graduate a special emirates university in the quarter just being here. We have that an aircraft per mile packed to the president to serve as. Averaging an anti tank campaigns weren't very in my news. And and where a lot cleanliness and take Carrie and I sail away. And Mike dinner servers on this fourteen hour flight to New York includes enjoy some Italian beverages including dump very own campaign of course. And prices up. People may be surprised steer bronze. Reports. Keeper north tradition I'm not gonna you don't camera. Lie. You'd pass. President and first class we're good. The main course shrimp whole lot of grief. Food is really where these airlines distinguish themselves. They have a final fat diet itself it didn't mind hello. And these long haul flights theatre to its as a bonus my sweet here equipped with a big. Screen TV for hundreds of movies and show. Before sitting down for bed for the night experience something very rare in the air and on its board shower. Paul showered. But times. My personalized jamming on time to sleep of course the bad lies Latin and there's even twinkling ceiling start. To help the streets. And a lot. Just like that. We're back in New York City what. There is so much there read into that had that's awesome what I think Chris Gamble by the way who is. There with marriage redder as well as Matt Leonard who put it together and down and graphics it'd be tough but also you might never be able tell. But there is a certain background singer. It I don't know I wanted to get anybody that was. In their last best do you sign read and bore the heights and chasing him all the lights way Issaquah. Indeed. Are you. And well then last year we did yeah yeah like Simon you know. The Leningrad mayor frank became more. Higher than necessary lets us have more of the adventures to come accidents.

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{"id":52897681,"title":"High Flying: A look inside Emirates first class ","duration":"6:16","description":"ABC's Kendis Gibson sees what a $28,000 first-class ticket gets you (spoiler: world-class food and even a shower!)","url":"/WNN/video/high-flying-inside-emirates-class-52897681","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}