Horrifying crash at Daytona 500

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is hospitalized after a fiery crash on the final lap. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton has the latest on Newman’s condition.
2:56 | 02/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Horrifying crash at Daytona 500
This morning concern for NASCAR star Ryan Newman after this crash just before the end of the Daytona 500 Newman's car flipped. Hurtling down the track on its roof. The numbers export coming to rest still on fire asked fuel with Singaporean not haven't watched the crashed again near her with a in the lead nearing the finish line when its car spun and hit the wall head on. It went airborne collided with a car quarry load joy when the car stopped slide units Rupp crews rush to put out the flames spectators stun. Sports anchor Joseph kept her from our Orlando ABC station WFTV. Right there. It was easy to see the wrecked because it happened directly in front of us where we were standing in Victory Lane but it was difficult to see after that because of how far the car slid after that we know that Ryan Newman. They had to cut the roof off of his car to get him out. EMTs rushed the 42 year old to the hospital the vehicle a mangled mess as it will later hold off the track Denny Hamlin won the race choir fraction of a second. His second straight Daytona win. But it celebration quickly became subdued because of the terrifying crash just moments before that wrongly we want Wolfram Paul Ryan the race finished 28 hours after president trump visited. I. And this NASCAR's biggest event delayed a day by rain. Major crisis took out half the drivers even before numerous fiery collision numerous white Christie who announced their separation last week. Reacting we just this on Twitter OMG and NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt junior whose father died during the final lap at Daytona 2001. Writing big prayers for Newman. A lot of prayers for Newman and a statement NASCAR says Newman is in serious condition. But amazingly doctors had indicated that those injuries are non life threatening overnight we saw. Video. They answer outside the hospital in Daytona Beach celebrating that news. That video is so difficult to see act youth talk about fans and fellow driver is also weighing in. And they are saying that a wreck like this is never good to see Bernanke said he's going to be OK he's going to be okay while some racing fans also is a little fallout from this because the winner mister Hamlin there he celebrated during donuts which is what he typically does what the winner took we've done after winning a big race like Daytona 500. He was getting some push back he was under fire for that by the fans but so he put out up. Tweet last night saying first a foremost I want to get well wishes and prayers are Ryan Newman. I had absolutely no idea of the severity of the crash until I got to Victory Lane there's very little communication after the finish. And I had already on hoped my radio it's not anyone's fault. And he gave a rocket. A shout out to rocket there because. Mr. Newman are known as rocket man it's so obvious a little fallout from that let the good news this morning is that non life threatening injuries he's recovering their hospital absolutely.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is hospitalized after a fiery crash on the final lap. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton has the latest on Newman’s condition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69043000","title":"Horrifying crash at Daytona 500","url":"/WNN/video/horrifying-crash-daytona-500-69043000"}