Inauguration Day preview

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are hours away from taking over a nation in crisis. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on what to expect.
2:57 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Inauguration Day preview
This morning Joseph Biden in Kabul Harris just hours away from taking over a nation in crisis to heal. We must remember. It's hard. Sometimes you remember. But that's how we view. It's important. To do that as a nation. The pair kicked off inaugural events Tuesday night with the solemn ceremony. Paying tribute to America's corn a virus victims the reflecting pool a door with 400 lies to commemorate the 400000 lives lost. And V me. Zoo and grant. Earlier in the day Biden baiting an emotional farewell to his home state of Delaware. Choking up as he spoke at the National Guard reserves senator mean for his late son beau. Oh it won't regret. He's not here. Maybe she should we should be introducing him to strip. Yeah we have great opportunities. In the hours ahead first up church with congressional leaders from both parties. Then at 10 AM the celebration kicks off including performances by Garth Brooks. Jennifer Lopez in Lady Gaga got at noon Biden and Harris take the oath of office Biden players he's the saint the only viable he's used in nine previous swearing in ceremonies. While Harris is opting to borrow Bible from the supreme court's first black Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall sources say Biden will give a twenty minute speech focusing on unity. Calling for the country to come together then at bargain Harris had to Arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath of the tomb of the unknown soldier. Joined by former presidents Obama bush and Clinton notably absent from today's ceremonies president trump. Who will be the first president and 150 years to refuse an imitation. To his successors inauguration meanwhile Biden will be the first president in decades to take office without any of its cabinet nominees confirmed on day one. The smartest thing we can do is me. In the long run at least benefits for meet the costs. States leave would cured after helping people. Who have been struggling for very long time. The hearings already under way from multiple nominees with some based opposition and all year. GOP senator Josh holly is now blocking plans to Fastrack Biden's Homeland Security nominee. A Honda may York cares. Over Biden's immigration reform plan which calls for an eight your path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that's one of many issues to be covered in dozens of executive orders Biden plans to sign in his first days in office. On the west rejoining the pair is climate accord repeal in the Muslim man eliminating the trump tax cuts reinstating daka in rejoining the WHO. Biden's nominees are the most diverse in history including his nominee for assistant health secretary will be the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the senate.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are hours away from taking over a nation in crisis. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports on what to expect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75365542","title":"Inauguration Day preview","url":"/WNN/video/inauguration-day-preview-75365542"}