Riley Curry Appears on TV Show 'Playhouse Masters'

The daughter of NBA superstar Stephen Curry makes an appearance on the new TLC series.
3:11 | 08/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Riley Curry Appears on TV Show 'Playhouse Masters'
Scant time we're gonna start he lived the child who has the NBA the tank for her notoriety might say of course we're talking about Riley curry. The four year old daughter of Golden State Warriors star's death Couri. As she has made a name first up with some adorable news conference appearances and now thanks for new show called play house masters. Riley is that an implant into the night and she had some suggestions about what she was hoping for. I am very and actually laugh and any. Well you've got a bunch of things are out. Containers and lean mean more can Perkins telescope. The twenty foot tall princess pony being Playhouse features. That slide that she mentioned and an upstairs loft. A ball hit a climbing wall a dog house. Oh my word I wanna move in you can see how was created and installed in Playhouse masters premieres tonight. On TLC that is definitely bigger than my apartment they thought it was. Both of ours but. That's beautiful. Next step another kid this one getting brave when it comes to meeting his favorite country singer. That singer Miranda Lambert. They OK so she is in the midst of a big touring now and her stop this past Saturday night. Was at MetLife stadium just outside of New York City. And that was where a six year old fan named Sebastian got his big chance. That's right he not only wanted to meet Miranda beat you give her a big hug he actually went straight port proposed marriage to her. And the we have ignition and yes. But Suzanne should bastion has to wait 25 years. During her show she told the crowd all about it. A ring pop yet ring lottery that is good assuming that's what it. It was they're delicious. For the record Lambert does dating fellow singer Anderson east. What you just teasing I wonder if he thought that proposal is so adorable voted to ask that if it sure. The bank is taking her talents to Palo Alto Newt. The model reality TV star and business mogul is now heading to stay free university's graduate school of business not as a student. But as a cool teacher in of course about creating and maintaining a personal brand. At a course description says banks as students will. Share their personal brand through digital and other platforms the America's Next Top Model star is fired up about it saying on Twitter I'm beyond excited to teach it in my blood and I can't wait to meet my students she adds. Classes in session in 2017. And there'll be knows mines in courts. Sorry to disappoint. That is what I would be filing with the guys don't thank you for translating tired topic. That's kind of disappointing you think did she tell you exactly how this mine site and a T noticed signs he hit a camera greatest minds. I don't I don't know it looks angry so there.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The daughter of NBA superstar Stephen Curry makes an appearance on the new TLC series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41585513","title":"Riley Curry Appears on TV Show 'Playhouse Masters'","url":"/WNN/video/riley-curry-appears-tv-show-playhouse-masters-41585513"}