Are Screens Big Enough for the New 'Godzilla' Movie?

A teaser is released for the 2014 update for "Godzilla."
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Are Screens Big Enough for the New 'Godzilla' Movie?
But insisted he ever got -- gotten Villa making his return to the big screen we got a remake coming out in 2000. Let's see here fourteen. It's -- the theaters -- we have a teaser trailer to show you take look. I realize not all of. Do you have had hands on experience. Frankly none of us in every situation quite like this one. I would not be asking anyone -- you to take this week. But did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed. Now this is surely a -- because as far as July resident and it's not very long you only easy demonstrable -- You have all monsters. Killing team and select but you can truly appreciate the enormity of his strength because. The heat -- -- city streets smashed skyscraper is there are couple of the scenes that you look. They complain all through one of this -- -- But the person who directed this -- -- -- hazing is Gary Edward -- -- kind of known for doing these enormous scale and movies but focusing in on the person and individual experience out. Sounds like it's -- -- and many Saturday morning watching God's children. -- late may sixteenth 2014. And theatrical and he's right he'll be there I'll be there. Yeah men who make it we call it insomnia do you console until Sunday price is right. The man the myth the legend Bob Barker -- -- like celebrate his birthday and -- he's turning. How and it's a clip from Thursday's this -- is coming show takes up. Yeah let yeah they're remembered he had been getting -- -- since -- about one time. Baghdad what was autobiography 2009 but he hasn't been a regular on the -- seven. Nine years old Bob Barker could -- by the way -- and in keeping the Bob -- A sign up -- -- during that week. So I -- as you know every show Wednesday that request -- -- everybody's okay and new. -- Anthony got Kate Winslet has given birth to her baby boy yeah. Her and her. Her husband what's his name here -- and -- rock and roll that is his real name. She's 38 he's 35 their welcomed their first child together on Saturday according to a -- -- everybody's doing great mother and baby are doing great she has two kids from two previous marriages thirteen year old daughter -- honey. And nine year old and Joseph out CN. By the way. Rocket -- there mister Ned a rock and roll is the nephew of virgin mogul Richard killings at hands they've been married since last December -- very secret ceremony here in New York. And they apparently both met at Branson's compound. In his neck -- islands back in 2011 they tied to not have their -- they and then you have -- no pictures yet of the baby. President and so -- rock and roll and his last say whatever name the little boy alas they will be the -- list last name on the boy. Being a rock and roll -- -- is. Possibly dozen U Boe possibly anyway to run homer and took my -- make gains from Snow Patrol anyway. -- some rumors going around that they were seen at that dinner for -- holiday party back in November and they were cozy and people who there say they didn't look like they were on -- day annual holding hands during the party and they ride content -- -- -- return requests for comment when contacted by. Early next couple -- absolutely I guess if they if they are.

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{"id":21173247,"title":"Are Screens Big Enough for the New 'Godzilla' Movie?","duration":"3:00","description":"A teaser is released for the 2014 update for \"Godzilla.\"","url":"/WNN/video/screens-big-godzilla-movie-21173247","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}