Target Employee's Good Deed Goes Viral

A customer snapped a picture of a young cashier helping an elderly woman count the coins she was using to pay for her groceries.
2:54 | 01/18/16

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Transcript for Target Employee's Good Deed Goes Viral
Well let's call this a happy makes not a happy stories here you'll ever Alex from target was known who went viral because you just cute. You are so that was that went well now there's fish mail from target for nineteen years old and he's from Indiana targeted this photos were environment so here's a deal with the story right out. They're all in line waiting and then there's this one elderly woman who is. Charging all up for glows groceries and paying for them with points. That would annoy some people but Israel there behind the counter decided to be patient with her and I love this woman speaker each of a group. But all those groceries to hit point she's paying court. Individuals. If people to get upset because he was being. Pick up product he was being nice and helping her through in a woman who saw this happening. Posted it on FaceBook and it is now gone. Marvel couldn't nice about her that I I would be very frustrated but but it tackles that are out art that. Well you know likely fifteen days and yes and what better way to celebrate his life and having to walk cappella groups to finally knock appellate groups get together and do James Taylor shed little light. There was the Jewish group not compete. And the black group. Naturally salmon boat load out of their own right particularly. I love how they jelled together and I would buy this mountain out of the hag to. And there during this from the Lincoln Memorial just steps away from where Doctor King did his I have a dream. Speech now another nice thing Kennedy then of course is heading towards championship Sunday and he is and you dad and proud to be fed dad so. Patsy was practicing for yesterday's game this is enduring. Have growing up father and son dab. T shirt pop and then also he'll show. On his his cleats air. His son's name shows I hope that yeah. Oh yes that he's very proud to be but to act experts we are in the best by the way we have that in depth T shirt. Pulled up there for a second so I just active research exactly what the gap was but apparently to new dance craze says. It's described as one leans into their gullible like there's music and that's it so he death. Show me that it's so I guess that's something. That looks out of Richard faster doesn't work and out of camera for perhaps.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A customer snapped a picture of a young cashier helping an elderly woman count the coins she was using to pay for her groceries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36353273","title":"Target Employee's Good Deed Goes Viral","url":"/WNN/video/target-employees-good-deed-viral-36353273"}