Temperatures Plunge as Northeast Hit with Snow

ABC News' John Muller reports on the wild weather swing from Mother Nature.
3:00 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Temperatures Plunge as Northeast Hit with Snow
America's number one. -- -- stunning about face from mother nature wasn't -- just like fabricated -- Jersey and that way the temperatures plunged across the east with. In a fierce winds rain and snow was they -- -- storms moving out nearly off the coast of England but -- chill will linger. This morning at 750 foot cargo ship. -- beached in Virginia's Chesapeake day winds gusting up to seventy miles an hour pulled it off anchor overnight. Also overnight that same system bringing snowed -- New York City in other parts of the northeast and dropping -- by as much as forty degrees. Something everyone had hoped they'd seen the last. We don't hear them or little or use -- Parts of the midwest getting more yes snow Detroit's already doubled its -- -- winter ever and now more near buffalo from 78 degrees few days ago they were preparing for several inches of snow. We'll probably be -- following later tonight. Even in the south snow was falling on flowers already in bloom all across the region temperatures are hovering near freezing. Yeah there. That's a real threat to crops apples peaches and strawberries already coming up pretty much their most vulnerable time former suspending a vigilant night. But if we start dropping below thirty were -- Extremely danger -- Fierce winds blue cross the east in Georgia a falling tree split a house in two trapping two women inside. Come out -- -- from the merely heard the strange and outside Philadelphia a sudden storm caused neighbors to fear the worst. I could -- Nino siren went back and the basin and. The one encouraging note after a day of intense weather the cold wet and misery won't stick around for long. And let's hope that is the last of the snow what we expect today AccuWeather meteorologist Jim -- joins us with the maps on the numbers good morning -- Good morning John and -- and a drying things out today across the northeast sister. Widespread flooding rainfall even some snow -- front moves out to see -- the cold -- has moved in behind it. -- -- expected early morning -- 120 Burlington Syracuse down eighteen of buffalo. 44 in Detroit challenging record lows there. And meanwhile it another snowstorm is forming up across the upper midwest -- spreads at a South Dakota across the Twin Cities. Into northern Wisconsin will -- heavy at times here six to ten inches expected just off to the south of Duluth. John Diane back to you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' John Muller reports on the wild weather swing from Mother Nature.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23341930","title":"Temperatures Plunge as Northeast Hit with Snow","url":"/WNN/video/temperatures-plunge-northeast-snow-storm-23341930"}