Unique gadgets for the outdoors

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off the latest gear.
4:14 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Unique gadgets for the outdoors
Welcome back we're now in the midst of summer in the middle of July which also happens to be national anti boredom month coping here. And with so many and that's heading out into the sun and find our own kids whiz Dick DeBartolo is here to show us. Some of his favorite gadgets for the great outdoors is good morning deck let splash right into it see you edited. Okay Clyde ma and if so this is me this is the kids sprinkler play mad. And I'm gonna show you exactly how this works you just take your garden hose you hook it up. You don't need an error inflated hosts fills the rim and once there remiss killed. The sprinkles dog and you used a water pressure to raise and lower how much sprinkle you get. And it's really inexpensive about thirty dollars deleted a not. As a test there I was playing in a today to try and keep cool. Unknown way I now this sort of lies through my favorite as well. But for those of us who are going to the beach to ghosts women the ocean water you a little gadget for us as well ray. This is great it's from a company called beach life OK and we're gonna show you Chad Johnson who co host again as we shall I say take it down to the beach it's a waitress stand things in the stand in the sand without them falling over and then the day have a built in bottle opener in the bottom then when used the stick it initially and you can use the other cops for putting your wallet in -- your phone. Anything you don't want to get sand in and very inexpensive. I paid about sixteen dollars to four of them. And allow it to and one we love that. And summer is all about making memories day but he had a way to capture those memories. Kids are going to love this camera okay it's called my first instant printing camera. And I'm gonna show a little bit of video that is so it has a stealthy mode. We say put it is helping mode. And you are clicked to take the picture. It will take a picture in color you can print it out if you have a nasty caught it here on to put in there won't glut. If you want to you press to print button. And it only takes ten seconds. And it prince of black and white picture didn't meet king is. It's using printing paper. And its thermal print still pictures tell like too with three cents each. The kids are gonna love it it's under hundred dollars you get enough paper in the package to print I think it was 240 pictures when some in the must sticky backs they can put them on lockers and things. How nice you love a wall from summer memories this summer jams. You have something for that as well for the hits of the summer. All he had this as it's called the flare too and this is new from Melanie at the little button appear to flare too is from sound Cold War and so this has built in microphone stick and takes phone calls through with its Bluetooth you can pair if you want to actually you can look on YouTube some impaired a hundred of these to give it to prove you could do it and it's also waterproof. And sell a ticket jarrah water and I don't when it. Nice yeah what are true. A whole lot of real time down in missile little guy. And of course I drop it in water but I was very Jeff like didn't back out again because I was afraid the battery charging doe was enclosed pool and I dropped at all the way down. And took it out again sounds fine and it's it's 69 dollars so I think it's it still a lot of deer. And a lot of great sound 469. Boxed Tennessee did do is sound for makes a bunch of these this feeling when it lights up top and bottom. Nice and neat music for the shower a year around as well he's and other fun gadgets for the great outdoors you can visit Dicks website. Is Liz dot bids as well as our own website W and and fans dot com. It DeBartolo as always thank you so much for joining us read back if you're hunting Romney is now from.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shows off the latest gear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71752224","title":"Unique gadgets for the outdoors","url":"/WNN/video/unique-gadgets-outdoors-71752224"}