Yard sale tips

A bowl bought at a garage sale turned out to be worth half a million dollars! ABC's Will Ganss reports on how to spot your own yard sale treasures.
2:33 | 03/04/21

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How much would you pay for this porcelain bowl and antiques and busiest in Connecticut put up 35 dollars for the peace. Only six inches across decorated with blue flowers turns out however it's a fifteenth century Chinese artifacts. And is expected to reach about half a million dollars at auction later this month. It happens a lot it's happened to me it's what excites me about going to garage sales every weekend. Aaron lapidus literally wrote the book on this stuff the people that happened for the first time in years those of the garage sales you want to yet or an estate sale that the persons lived there their whole life and now their kids are putting on the garage sale. This sketch cost five dollars at a garage sale in Vegas in 2010 now it's worth an estimated two million dollars the artist a certain Andy Warhol. What are the types of kings in your experience. Kirk out who beat treasurer at first glance someone is a country tracts lot of people look over books. And don't think books have ballot. This copy of the old man in the seat could be worth. 300000. Dollars. Spotted a yard sale for two bucks a note from Hemingway himself hidden inside timing is key. Show up brighten early or at the very end of the day not in between. When they're putting stuff out. You're going to get the excitement stuff that nobody is the and at the end of the garage sale. People are done where they're just puts it out any price will make it negotiating is still the name of the game. To make it even better you ask several other items to you know all the outside and get the price down you didn't lower what. Let's push it or let you go so I didn't hang it on the beanie babies iPad since the early ninety's or around quite some time. Oh will complain they have kids yes. That's why they're as good as is going to get you but you got it is its order for them. Kept them for no reason so aside from ditching the beanie babies and sent to ask your garage sale host Freddie items that you might not see out if you're looking for something specific sometimes. Those people just assumed that nobody would want it to they didn't put it out that they might have it inside. Still I didn't know you've probably asked him is there a market for Pokemon cards. How the road and telling got Sheehan there a ballot doesn't work any more guys all of our ninety Spain's worthless. Could open.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"A bowl bought at a garage sale turned out to be worth half a million dollars! ABC's Will Ganss reports on how to spot your own yard sale treasures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76247276","title":"Yard sale tips","url":"/WNN/video/yard-sale-tips-76247276"}