Antonio Brown melts down on social media

After being let go from the New England Patriots due to sexual assault, the NFL star went on a series of apparent revenge tweets he later deleted.
1:59 | 09/22/19

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Transcript for Antonio Brown melts down on social media
Also tonight, former NFL star Antonio brown melting down in a very public way, on social media after being cut by the patriots amid a sexual assault investigation. Instead of taking to the field, he was taking on NFL owners taking shots on other players. Tonight, the apparent revenge tweets he later deleted. Here's Kaylee Hartung. Reporter: Tonight, the NFL's biggest lightning rod going into a full meltdown. Antonio brown's Twitter tirade starting with a declaration, "Will not be playing in the NFL anymore, these owners cancel deals and do whatever they want." Brown making it clear he'll go after money that was guaranteed by the patriots and raiders. He has $40 million on the line. All of these wounds are self-inflicted. Reporter: The patriots fired the embattled wide receiver on Friday after a woman claimed he sent her intimidating text messages when she became the second woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Coach Bill Belichick remaining tight-lipped today. What was the final straw with Antonio brown? We are focused on the jets today. Thank you, coach. I'm free! Fly like the eagle. Reporter: Brown's 11-day stint with the patriots, a roller coaster of controversy. The team blindsided when his former trainer Britney Taylor filed a civil suit, accusing him of rape. Brown denies all accusations of misconduct. Today the football world lashing out. A.B. Is saying this morning I'm leaving football. He's not. Football's leaving him. Reporter: After thanking the patriots last Friday, brown now burning bridges, tweeting a reference to owner Bob Kraft's charge of solicitation, taking a shot at former teammate Ben Roethlisberger. And even encouraging his fans' threats against a "Sports illustrated" reporter. Brown later deleting the rants. It's irrational thinking. And I think he really needs some help. Now, as far as the general manager or a head coach, I would not touch him this year, next year, or ever. Reporter: The NFL tells ABC news its investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations continues. And the raiders and patriots say they can withhold brown's money because he violated the terms of his contract. Tom? Kaylee, thank you. Now to the growing concern over the mosquito-borne virus

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"After being let go from the New England Patriots due to sexual assault, the NFL star went on a series of apparent revenge tweets he later deleted.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65786916","title":"Antonio Brown melts down on social media","url":"/WNT/video/antonio-brown-melts-social-media-65786916"}