Another Disaster for Malaysia Airlines

Government airline is confronted with another tragedy. This time, 298 people lost their lives.
1:56 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for Another Disaster for Malaysia Airlines
another tragedy for Malaysia airlines. 131 days since flight 370 vanished over the Indian ocean. David Kerley on the airline in crises mode and the one major difference with now two investigations under way. Reporter: This is the scene Malaysian officials confronted four months ago when flight 370 disappeared. Angry family members of those lost. For the second time in just 131 days, Malaysia airlines is once again in the headlines. Two disasters, two different flights, one airline. On March 8 of this year it was flight 370 that disappeared somewhere over the south Indian ocean, not a single piece of debris found so far. Tonight it appears that flight 17 was shot down near the Russia Ukrainian border, and that key piece of evidence, those black boxes, reportedly recovered already. Both doomed flights were Boeing 777s, an aircraft with one of the best safety records in aviation. Both carried more than 200 souls on board. Today's flight 295 people. March's flight 239. A double disasser that no airline has faced in recent history. They faced fierce criticism for its handling of information and investigation. Sending a text message to family members about the fate of their loved ones. Tonight those who had loved ones on flight 17 already have some answers. Now, if those black boxes have been turned over to the Russians, a former aif Yater for the United States tells us the Russians are well quipped to read those black boxes. With the political overtones between Ukraine and Russia, David, this needs to be an open investigation. Of course, big questions tonight about where those black boxes will indeed end up. David Kerley live in Washington. Thank you.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Government airline is confronted with another tragedy. This time, 298 people lost their lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24611347","title":"Another Disaster for Malaysia Airlines","url":"/WNT/video/disaster-malaysian-airlines-24611347"}