Europe's highest volcano becomes active

Superheated steam from the mix of lava and snow sent burning rocks flying at a British camera crew, prompting them to run for their lives.
2:46 | 03/16/17

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Transcript for Europe's highest volcano becomes active
inteigce briefin as par of there campaign. Tourts a bn as europsallestcte volcorsk tli.fndama cr]wunvi rirlivfs.ea of lava and SNO udi buin rocks rightt th0bew. Youref foreign )[ corrpondent, Terry Moran, tonight. Reporter: These images, instagrammed by a tourist just minutes before the eruption show a brilliant morning. Then -- molten rock and Boulders shoong hundreds of feet into the air. The bbc news cw droppingheir camera tthgr.$pele fleei perheatedeisainsn H and a nse D of steam engulfslop L scrambleor the safety of E mount vehlea window the shattered by the flyin ro tez ur, the spit.svbul [ere badhan. T, wwke wi tbe's Everyone tetec tee while we were being pelted with all ois material. But we couldt see anything too. It was a whi$??t. So there S a mome when you thought you were going to die? There a huge explosion.# Thi for -that mig be it.! Brrzhfxploas triggewhen thing magmat,8 degeu enheitt thicsnow crting high-essureoc STE mt. Naone lf world's stive volcanoes6$ tourists visit every ye on T monitoring. It's clear there is a lot left to learn that way. Thank you, Terry. Back here of the home, and a winter storm brewing as millions dig out from the powerful and deadly nor'easter. The east is in the deep freeze. Look this. The train into the station, kicking up that wave of snow as passengers were waiting on the platform. Let's get right to chief meteorologist, ginger zee. Not everyone was laughing, and mow a new storm, ginger. Reporter: That's right. We have more snow on the way, David. As uncomfortable as this deep freeze might be for so many of us after such a mild February, the agriculture, the farmers are really concerned in parts of the southeast. I'm going to show you here. That deep freeze for one more morning will be a hard freeze in some spots and that's why we have the warnings still out. The actual numbers going into your Friday morning like like this. 30 in Columbia, and Charlotte. It could be below 20 in a lot of spots. With we were mentioning, Chicago gets rain and the mix on Friday, and then it becomes all rain. Stay rain, but the northeast places that got hit hard, could see another 1 to 4 inches by Saturday afternoon. Ginger, thank you. There is much more ahead on "World ns tonight."

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{"id":46187429,"title":"Europe's highest volcano becomes active ","duration":"2:46","description":"Superheated steam from the mix of lava and snow sent burning rocks flying at a British camera crew, prompting them to run for their lives.","url":"/WNT/video/europes-highest-volcano-active-46187429","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}