Iraq evacuation warning

The State Department has ordered all "non-emergency employees" to leave Iraq, and the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned of a possible "full-scale confrontation," as tensions rise.
2:12 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Iraq evacuation warning
Next tonight, amid escalating tensions with Iran, the U.S. State department is ordering all nonemergency workers out of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq because of what the trump administration considers an imminent threat from Iran or its proxies. But tonight, senators on both sides of the aisle are now demanding to know, what is this new threat? In fact, a British general has said he does not believe that there's a new threat in Iraq. Here's ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz now. Reporter: The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is one of the largest and most secure in the world, with thousands of employees. But tonight, all nonessential personnel are being ordered out. A U.S. Official saying there is "An imminent threat" by iranian-backed proxies. But the administration is providing no specifics and even the president's supporters are frustrated. I have no idea what the threat stream is beyond what I read in the paper. Reporter: The move to evacuate some embassy employees comes the day after a senior British general declared, "There's no increased threat from iranian-backed forces in Iraq," which the Americans rebutted. Tonight, there are fears the American intelligence may be faulty, just as it was in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq. The U.S. Recently deployed a carrier strike group and bombers to the region to defend against a potential attack from Iran or its allies. The president has denied a "New York Times report" the administration is considering a plan to send 120,000 troops as well. Now, would I do that? Absolutely. But we have not planned for that. Martha Raddatz with us live from Washington tonight. And Martha, members of congress from both parties are demanding that the administration spell out exactly what this threat from Iran is tonight? Reporter: They are, David. And congressional leadership will be briefed tomorrow, but David, this ordered departure from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq really is unusual. I have spent time in that Baghdad embassy during a very violent period when ISIS was launching rockets at the facility, but this is the first time I remember the state department ever ordering a departure of personnel from that embassy. So, a lot of questions about what led them to do this. David? And we know you'll stay on this for us. Martha, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The State Department has ordered all \"non-emergency employees\" to leave Iraq, and the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned of a possible \"full-scale confrontation,\" as tensions rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63064277","title":"Iraq evacuation warning","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-evacuation-warning-63064277"}