Leonard Nimoy's Extraordinary Life

Saying goodbye to the man who was much more than the character Spock of "Star Trek."
2:19 | 02/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leonard Nimoy's Extraordinary Life
In the meantime, an outpouring for beloved actor Leonard nimoy. Celebrating the man best known for playing spock. He had a faithful following around the world as Mr. Spock of the starship enterprise. And he loved the arts, photography, painting. We have these rituals, we shake hands, we not to each other, bow to each other. We salute each other. What do vulcans do? I suggested this. He started acting at 8 years old. And was attaching acting when he landed his signature role. The hit show would be spun off into movies. William shatner as captain Kirk, taking the voyage with him. I am and always shall be your friend. Tonight, shatner tweeting, I loved him like a brother. But nimoy would reveal, he was torn to through the years, at times distancing him from the character. He wrote two books, "I am not spock, " but then "I am spock." In the "Star trek" revival, he was cast as an older version of spock. Spent years writing poetry. But nothing quite as poetic as his final tweet. A life is like a garden. Live long and prosper. And even though he went back and forth over the years about his "Star trek" character, he would ultimately say, if I had to be someone else, I would be spock.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Saying goodbye to the man who was much more than the character Spock of \"Star Trek.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29286532","title":"Leonard Nimoy's Extraordinary Life","url":"/WNT/video/leonard-nimoys-extraordinary-life-29286532"}