Rising Temperatures Bring Fear of Floods in Western NY

The Buffalo area now braces for flooding as the record snowfall begins to melt.
3:18 | 11/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rising Temperatures Bring Fear of Floods in Western NY
As we come on the air tonight, a tornado threat on the move. Take a look at this system moving through the south right now. Millions of Americans in the bull's-eye. And still not out of danger in up state New York, tonight, buried in record snow. You see it right there. The Buffalo neighborhood, with snow on the roof tops. Heavy show weighing down roof tops and warmer temperatures, melting the snow. And crews rushing to stack thousands of sandbags along the banks. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking it off. And is in Buffalo tonight. Rob, to you. Good evening. The snow stopped here in Buffalo two days ago. But we have a new set of problems, rising temperatures, rising rivers and buildings are buckling under the weight of the now heavy snow. This roof collapses in the middle of the night. The west Seneca fire chief got the call at 3:00 A.M. They were scared. They said it woke them in the middle of the night. Just a loud banging noise. Reporter: One of dozens of roofs unable to support 7 feet of snow this week. The roof of this business came crashing down. Over $1 million in damage. And the same snow soaking up rain like a sponge, often sending warning signals of collapse. All this weight on the roofs. What are the warning signs? That it's going to come down? You will hear stress cracks and start to see cracks in the ceiling. Reporter: Tonight, a growing fear of flooding has the same firefighters pulling out the swift water rescue gear. They are sandbagging areas expected to flood. Look at the water, snow and ice racing down the rising river. Ice jams forcing residents to be ready to move. As the snow melts that is where it's going to go. The city has removed manhole covers because they are concerned about the storm drains being clogged. Look at this, where is the snow going to go? And there is still feet of snow yet to be reproved. Workers at the JFK high school trying to clear enough for school Monday. Seems it's getting heavier. It's getting worse. And the temperatures going to 50 and 60 will make it into water, slop. Reporter: Governor Cuomo is optimistic. We hope to get back to work on Monday. Schools will be opened. Reporter: Behind me is Buffalo creek, now a raging river, peeling off pieces of snow and ice, and jamming it up, causing dangerous high water level. And tomorrow, the temperatures will rise in the 60s and we will have moisture on top of it. And it's going to be windy too. Part of a huge system that brought the weather across the south tonight. Georgia,al Lal and Florida and now the tornado threat moves off to the east and into the Carolinas. Rob, the busy travel week ahead. Do you have good or bad news for us? We are watching another storm that is going to be developing potentially off the east coast. The I-95 corridor will get either rain or snow. We will see colder air in the midwest Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The Buffalo area now braces for flooding as the record snowfall begins to melt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27122586","title":"Rising Temperatures Bring Fear of Floods in Western NY","url":"/WNT/video/rising-temperatures-bring-fear-floods-western-ny-27122586"}