‘What Would You Do?’: Customers snooze in public

It happens to the best of us: resting our heads in some pretty unexpected places. What happens when these customers fall asleep at a barber shop, nail salon and diner?
7:38 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for ‘What Would You Do?’: Customers snooze in public
Lieutenant does. I'm working like crazy I remarkable spirit records. Did happen to go to. From hired Todd whose. Children like my own daughter an area to pass out politician. There's no shortage oops users. Not too long can. Resting there you Jews are heard and the. If you saw these customers and I approach to do. Turning of barber chair. A pedicure stations. And a Booth at a time when it came to their very own bed. What would you do. Our actor Malek is getting comfortable at precision here studious. Time and good. The groups this is and that's the Diamondbacks program and program. This really weird. Wallach is trying to stay away. But then he falls deep into a slumber. This man can no longer contain themselves. Because I rode out there ago. Even taking a picture for posterity. But as time goes on he's starting to seem less amused. News. I would probably might got angry and he decides to take matters into his own hands. And caps are racked hero on the list. Hotel room I'd have my crew from. That was a story we'll specialists learned. Yeah. Road. Before we give him any nightmares fired everybody can judge. This is what would uses continues. It's elegant train station in new I've heard your thought it was funny. Maybe thirty seconds worth of the left of the great things would come up. But what if we switch Joseph Baxter route. And location. Now it's Traci cozying up with customers at karma organics bomb. Until then 95 work you're leaving me and help tiring. And no matter tired. She's quickly. Can't imagine. Man answers that. When Traci starts June hogs the bed. Just like in the barbershop. Change very quickly put an end its ten nap time. Kids stay. Oh my god it's very well pool. Finally we wondered how will people react to what's leading time. At the Jefferson diner are actor and crude falls asleep. And his meal. You should know about last night right away this woman and her kids sense Andrews but he's. Cash into kidnappings if I'm yeah. But what are mom's steps away. This mom is Bob on her feet. A. Your mom's kinda kitty heating costs apple Hewlett clicking you know how I want in my yeah. Time to meet this find one. I'm John Quinones. They're clearly acted like a mom. You know in what are your mom or not. Okay but his gut instinct is to help child he's so cute still get good for others and I hope he's like yeah. No matter the location customers reacted to worse users slumber and a variety of ways. Buffeted. But you are. Because they have carefully here. This customer tries to help Mike tossing out crumpled. Issue. I. Others however I understand the importance of beauty sleep ever Cecily honestly. As today. This is bothering you guys. Don't even when things get a little too close shall come from. I mean a part of me is I mean I am found you. And of course there are those who just can't help but the latter situation. Might these two young women. And really mean to laugh. She's title. Not wipe the tears were used to seeing on the show. This is the longest lap we don't know what was your. You were gonna go over their wake him up. You know. I'm back now let her. Are rolling one last time. And our boys bedtime behavior has caught the attention of these neighboring diners. At first they learn our actors sleep. Just leaving. Lynch champion. But when our waitress leave us. This woman has a change of heart of. There we go home. Home reliance plans. Can't you see this is your nose print. When you go wheels turn around this half. Little does she noon can use it remains and many shots were mean. Andrew is not quite done who's now. Details put a cylinder of social and I'm just less than half. Okay. Coming up. It's a story. Signed the letter no she's not dream yeah. It's not. So you have to get involved something for the creation exciting element. Look out for all the babies in the world and you when my baby's okay would you name. All or nothing like sweet people. But even better and sweet and.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"It happens to the best of us: resting our heads in some pretty unexpected places. What happens when these customers fall asleep at a barber shop, nail salon and diner? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72613963","title":"‘What Would You Do?’: Customers snooze in public ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/customers-snooze-public-72613963"}