Amazon pulls out of New York City deal

"The View" co-hosts discuss if Amazon's decision to move its headquarters is a good decision.
4:48 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Amazon pulls out of New York City deal
Our yesterday Amazon announced that they pulling the plug on building in New York City headquarters. It was mostly along Allen city. Locals are split some say they just lost 25000 jobs of the chance to revitalize a neighborhood. A lot around city but others say Amazon was getting the sweet end of the deal. Paying no taxes getting. Three billion in incentives. Not letting workers union eyes. What do you think. I mean it's it's a mix and explaining how to laugh out airline announced it anybody act. Now now that you want me to start shortly start Eck in OK so actually majority of New Yorkers supported and. 50% of registered New Yorkers back the planned 70% of black voters support it 81% of Latinos supported it 51% of white people supported it. Even voters in union households Boehner that 53% till it's a majority overall. I would say this deal would have brought into a 5000 jobs 27 billion dollars in tax revenue for new York and York had offered a three billion dollar incentive package now what I would compare it to his I actually toward the -- headquarters in downtown Las Vegas that Tony Shea. Move zappos two to downtown Las Vegas to revitalize and sent it he's at 2013 and send he's done it he got to his own money 350 million dollars he invested in local onto viewers Schatz start ups. I maturity he has helped read by idolize downtown Las Vegas and I think from my perspective touring talking to him. The that cultural impact it has when you bring in a corporation it's not all just as ugly dirty corporations are ruining a city. Downtown Las Vegas is thriving because of zappos and because of Tony Shea. I would've preferred 25000 jobs have been created for New Yorkers L also say just to put a final point on as. It Democrats go down the route. You know what we are gonna wane ideological. Classroom debate verses creating jobs and it becomes the party that's against. As simple as trapping 25000 jobs it is a very dangerous precedent B sec one. I think alike but it's a split amongst the Democrats because of a costly Elena and land where I can't see it it was just New Yorkers and out what I mean. What's his name not won't Wallace support and a dog Lazio both supported both Democrats so it's it's a split within the party there exit that I'm concerned about it between 5000 jobs certainly very important and I know that most New Yorkers supported it the type of jobs because what we're talking about a very high level jobs -- not all. Most of them a lot will have to look does the packing on the rapid l.s aren't jobs that they were talking about they were talking about. Let's see 25000 jobs it's when he 5000 jobs with an average salary of a 150000. Dollars Alex so I'm thinking about the low income jobs bit. A lot of the New Yorkers needed enemy we're talking about a blaze to rebut that bell what I'm talking about downtown Las Vegas he also play money into prior trees that prioritizing people willing to move to Las Vegas. Fifty million dollars an art education and culture an area yeah I do think what they iterations moving to a city. They understand that this there's people like you would think oh big bad corporations coming at. And we have these guys like Tony Shea I think Ray Anderson happily I hear me finish my point let me finish my point. So we're talking about the 25000 dollar job toll 5000 jobs with an average salary of 150000 dollars so Amazon actually wasn't gonna train local people for the shot they were gonna bring in people from other places. So I was wondering why not then train local people for those jobs why not bring in other types of jobs and you're talking about a place it has the queen's bridge houses it's the largest. Public housing complex in the country would have been close proximity to the new headquarters why not have a partnership. With those folks is 60% of its households rely on food stamps metal. Part of what we can't have a brain knows you couldn't those people jobs are I went yeah. That real estate rise because I do when I finally happened people would lead but before we have a sort of back here in New York City at live right by Google by the way it is minced when he seventeen to generate 45 point five billion. An economic activity with simple like you can afford to live there those those low income people tell us what a little bit let me say let's say all those folks are now moving their for those jobs it helps the entire area because you have so the you have your a look at or they're not done anything I don't let that happen in hate is like I did not until one. It was and a New York the but I you know I'm I'm I'm I'm good present 5% Wilson best chef Melissa oh had there but most ARAMARK is an eye sockets and I don't I don't when he spotted hands yet he gents in front he helped. Bringing the justification of Harlem and new was very controversial youth today. They love him. Because of what he has done to the community I'm not everybody loved how he got into a lot of people that were pushed out of well they don't live there don't I don't screw around but they saw as the what I went out against the pact will go up against adult passing out.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss if Amazon's decision to move its headquarters is a good decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61104514","title":"Amazon pulls out of New York City deal","url":"/theview/video/amazon-pulls-york-city-deal-61104514"}