Andrew Yang says there’s ‘zero truth’ to former staffer’s firing claims

The 2020 hopeful explains how he continues to gain support for his unconventional campaign.
4:30 | 09/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andrew Yang says there’s ‘zero truth’ to former staffer’s firing claims
It is kind of sadly Ellis you know your polling as high as 8%. But not long ago the Washington Post ran a very dismissed the story about she called random man runs for president could not do. I may not very nice now wasn't very nice and it and it really seldom pooped aren't. So the idea that. Every American can't run for president yeah. You know and it made it sound like that wasn't a good idea sop are you surprised now that they momentum is building and by the reception you're getting from folks. I'm thrilled. With a reception we're getting around the country and I just like to point out there's no way a random man could run for president because the average Americans living paycheck to paycheck so solving big quit their job. When I decide to run for our. Look. Got a little bit of savings he had some savings. And a very very understanding about how about what. I'm so afraid if I random man running for president you're actually polling higher than the senator in California and you're also from California polling higher and Connolly Harrison California got is a pretty impressive feat at this point. You're running I haven't unconventional campaign I just out. You're not wearing ties your crowd surfing readily Abby and I would like to join you at. When you look like so much fun and it. But you're reaching people who are not at fast the cable news not like it's not a I'm how do you gotten people how are you gonna continue get people who maybe don't know you as well as they do but Biden and Sanders and Warren tips to check your name at the box. I think we're doing so well Megan because we're talking about problems that Americans see around them every day the fact that 30% of our stores and malls are closing because of Amazon and Amazon's paying zero taxes in return. When I say that's Americans around the country they see it around them. And that the fact that we can build an economy that works for us. That vision. Will help address the problems I got Donald Trump elected in the first place and Americas a very Smart we understand what's going on around us. Okay. A bit more fun for us to watch his campaigns are always but it games and for you would always is it fun and games there with me last week you came under fire. By a former employee. Who worked for your testing company this is back in 2007. She says after she came back from her honeymoon. Usage she wouldn't work as hard because she started this new chapter in her life and then you let her go. Where did this come from is there any truth to that. There is zero truth to it I'm happy to say. I've had so many phenomenal women leaders that have elevated me and my organizations that every phase of my career. And if I was that kind of person I would never had any success. Which is right in unlike most every other human being where someone gets made I'm happy fourth to submit the whole thing up. Yeah I guess he did and it pained me when I sought because I did work with with her and she got fired. And took she did it get let ago ended it was because of aptly nothing to do with their marital status that's Bershard. Night and catch you being very diplomatic. Well about what she was like oh that's right so so let's we are not here to you know goes on in. At this topic though because Obama as as a comedian person. I was interested in this story because you came out supportive shame Gillis this is a guy who made. They found in his past not recent past actually that it made some anti Asian remarks that were not funny. And they dumped him from Saturday Night Live but you backed him up and your agent so yeah us about that. I can actually insulted me personally I use a racial epithet about me about you individually. And so I reacted like most people would which is like what the heck is this who is this person and then my wife and I settle down and watch some of his comedy. And try to figure out whether we thought he was. You bull or whether he was something else yeah and watching his work I thought that he was a still figuring it out comedian who told some offensive jokes. And that to me was not some something or someone to lose their job over and so as the person who is purse they called out I thought it was my place to say look. I don't think this person should lose his job and I was the person insulted so we should use this as an opportunity to become a little bit more understanding. And for giving as good as a country because right now we're in this time where. Were in my mind unduly punitive. And vindictive and I just a mess any shows that the army readiness and the company removal services out there.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The 2020 hopeful explains how he continues to gain support for his unconventional campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65885571","title":"Andrew Yang says there’s ‘zero truth’ to former staffer’s firing claims","url":"/theview/video/andrew-yang-truth-staffers-firing-claims-65885571"}