Former Cuomo aide alleges harassment

As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo defends himself against allegations that pandemic mishandling led to nursing home deaths, "The View" discusses details of a sexual harassment claim against him.
4:48 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Former Cuomo aide alleges harassment
As New York governor Andrew Cuomo defends himself against allegations that his mishandling of the pandemic led to nursing home deaths. More details have emerged about. Sexual harassment claims against him made by a former aide. So the what's. What do you make of all of this. It's pretty bad she one of his. Under selling out was under him actually said that in a closed office needing. He forcibly blocked the door and kissed her there were also text messages up being three compared her to an ex girlfriend and wanted to play strip poker and if it's it. It's it's not okay it needs to be which I I think he should resign if he's proved to be true then he needs to go. On this combined with ease nursing home numbers in and whether there was misrepresentation. Or cover up. You know combined with a lot of the bullying that's coming out with hand mountain its base in you don't know it's not okay so Latin IE. I condemn the behavior and I think there needs to be consequences for these actions. I'll cut when you think about these allegations story. I think they're pretty bad that his office has denied the allegations but they're pretty specific. As Sarah pointed out they've been corroborated. By at least one other aid so we definitely merits investigation. I'm sure the Democrats. Will be quick to remove him if if they the wall comes out in the wash. Because that's what the Democrats jail. Case in point Al Franken by my. OK so I would like to also land dead these allegations should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated just like the following. Jim Jordan. Covering up in failing to report sexual abuse of minors by former members of the Ohio State University wrestling team. Brett Cavanaugh the FBI did I hurry. Three day investigation. Into credible claims from multiple women remember that. It was like oh we're done we're done and then of course his midst himself Donald Trump. Who's accused of upwards of twenty fob China upwards of 25 women have accused him of sexual misconduct. To go and investigate call Mathieu that investigate these are the people pencil on science. And Megan at what she what's your thoughts on August. I'm really gradually brought up wreck happened not actually wanna read your quell about Andrew called well what he said about crack cap not. To doctor Christine glassy forehead and all survivors of sexual assault. We believe you and we will fight brio so by his own metric believe all women he is a pervert who has harassed women and he should resign immediately agri. Silence of so many people in the media and so many democratic politicians like Kristen Gillibrand who has been. At the forefront of all sexual harassment. You know cases and the need to move against women she hasn't said anything today so apparently it here the crowd governor Paul mall and your brother is to host a big CNN shelling. You're a Democrat then it's it has a completely double standard and I have to tell you other than on the shell there's a lot of people in the media on CNN and and MSNBC and other places. There really really silent when it comes to any bad behavior in regards to Governor Cuomo we can't live in a country at a time where Democrats say believe I'll let me up except if your politics don't a lot of and it gives. I feel really got for the woman who is is accusing him right now because. There's a feeling that if you're politics don't align in the right way that your accusations in your experience is being sexually harassed somehow means something different. And I think it turns an extremely bad message and I really would like to hear from a lot of people when democratic leadership who work. You know actually Christopher is in defending Christine Blassie Ford. And depending on how you feel about that an attacking. A attacking you know Supreme Court. Justices about it and now are completely silent I just think it's completely hypocritical on I hope that Kristy Gillibrand comes out with a statement today. Sarah you have a legal note. Yet we locked sunny Simon go ahead and read this legal know I lost I mean if technical difficulties but. Governor Cuomo spokesperson has said that all Lindsay boy islands claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply false. The governor's office confirmed that Boylan flew with bomb on four occasions but that other aides present disputed the account. Well you know act at we have a very capable AG. Who doesn't seem to care what side of the. I only your on if you are demonstrating bad behavior. So I'm going to wait for Letitia James to find out what's going on up. Is she fallible everybody's doubtful but I'm glad I want to I want them to investigate and so will now.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo defends himself against allegations that pandemic mishandling led to nursing home deaths, \"The View\" discusses details of a sexual harassment claim against him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76115309","title":"Former Cuomo aide alleges harassment","url":"/theview/video/cuomo-aide-alleges-harassment-76115309"}