Dolly Parton discusses women’s empowerment behind the CMA awards

The country music icon shares the reason behind her widespread fan base, and her new show “Heartstrings.”
4:38 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dolly Parton discusses women’s empowerment behind the CMA awards
Just last week you were hosting be co hosting the CME's would carry under way Henry. Or. Add up. The theme was women's empowerment and featured a performance by female country stars from every generation which was amazing and Jennifer Nettles even wore pants suit. And demanding equal play. Women on country radio does the industry you think need to do more to acknowledge women's contributions. In that regard well ten more men than women in country music. But many think that it's Schmidt coming along now I'm not that I think the fact that we did the C amazing. They allowed us to really show while we have yet I think that's going to be very helpful but there's a lot of talented women out there and we should all get a chance says. You know to do what we didn't know I started years and years ago. I would just walk in and say nothing that that's not my economic development to money list so you wanna help me yeah. I'm grew up in a family of six Brothers and my aunt and uncle so I loved me and understood me and saw it a little easier than some of the girls and don't know how to. Maneuver and work in a man's world that I'm many think it's wonderful that they would get a chance to show what we can do and that would be accepted in Lojeski promote trying to get him the plain runner. Songs and call them. And I know from my sales have been had a long time. It's senior day and age two or something that ended I'm bailout of southern to a young. Executive movement that the other day and I said what it's hard to get some us born of people played on the rent you know he said what to radio. I have had enough time to yelled yeah I have people are sort of met him but not quite good lot of people out everything happens. I'm used to it everything anymore. This cannot go on social media and I kind of started in the old days in this different than it was back in that many think it will come along I'm it is all about the girls now we're so happy to be. Such a part of my whole C amazing way with them and telling I will not say that your feminists might not. Is being feminine maintenance feminist. Being commented yet on me now ended up. It won't write songs to empower women sounds like a feminist and sat on the witness say I don't know but I don't having any. I don't like labels and allowed me but I'm not a woman and proud of it I really feel like I have. We need offered and I am very supportive of women I love me and you know don't get me wrong the volleys yeah my homework. Mayor mark and now but I think there's some great mean. In this world and I think there's some great women and I think we all should be able to express themselves however we do yeah yeah and it if you expressing yourself another way. I. Siri which is so much but it's called heart street. It's inspired by one of your song speech of one of your songs the first is Jolene do you want I loved. And it stars Julianne Hough as an aspiring but troubles musician that you mentor I think we have a clip. Flo ran. You hate it no I don't hate it. Do you think it Germond. I have told you before. The sounds at least fantastic and heard the warnings that are written per car to yell I don't need a son that she can with stand the test of time I just Nissan angles of why I got a sale that was down the doesn't mean. The inspiration tells well actually. Then Netflix Syrian heart strings is they've actually bent old the movies based on songs that I have written Jolene of course in one of them. But we we did a different tank on Jolene. To kind of show who she is what she isn't she came baton Julianne Hough did a beautiful Riyadh that yes on no end up Kimberly Williams. Paisley was dodi's ms. Friedan that we had a great and speaking of women begin the dream of working to get. But actually is to kill kind of had jailing them to be the way she is you cannot only not club and she works in my club could she got fired from the bank. And he gets fired and she just. Can add doesn't how to make them until it's just so we did a different take on Jolene I'm going to miss France you have people except that we had been out just so happy to be part of that. You know that home thinking it's great is that hat. Really an up oh yeah sir that beautiful girl cat and sent because you know who you are beautiful girl on a beautiful person and we love you often think half.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"The country music icon shares the reason behind her widespread fan base, and her new show “Heartstrings.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67237371","title":"Dolly Parton discusses women’s empowerment behind the CMA awards","url":"/theview/video/dolly-parton-discusses-womens-empowerment-cma-awards-67237371"}