Jemele Hill talks tweets about Trump, national anthem protests, suspension from ESPN

Hill talks her controversial tweet calling Trump a "white supremacist" after the violence in Charlottesville: "I still stand by what I said."
6:35 | 02/21/18

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Transcript for Jemele Hill talks tweets about Trump, national anthem protests, suspension from ESPN
Yes because please welcome ESPN's Tim Allen have had an. You were a hot topic here will call in. Calling out the new guy in the White House over his response the rally in Charlottesville. Back in August. Since you're here tell us what Batman well. At like a lot of people. This feeling very emotional because Charlottesville it happened. And our proper do what you should do when you feel the motion old. A little angry is go to Twitter. And I got into a dialogue go with a Twitter user. And Agassi everybody's seen the tweets you know would I say it and I did not expected to have all but that it was gonna become. What it became I didn't expect the wouldn't be hot topic called upon them out of here. And ages kind of escalated from there are so. Did ABC that we see the president personally calling me out its weekly the White House calling we're saying what I do it was a horrible. A fence so it was just. It was a lot going on but will you back just to clear up because there are some people that don't know none I needed. Occupy but he's treated well let honesty exponential kind of finish what what what happened and then I'm Pemex plans yet no I mean it it it that was really just the just a bit of this being emotional going to it's Woodard getting in the back and forth. And sadly I became a walking think he's. The ten car and a you said Donald Trump is awaits you tweeted Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists yet and that was beaudet grass or Charlotte's now bright capture not yet so that's our sip I was being reacting to us bonding. In that moment we've all we did things about myself and what attitude to things in the heat of the moment when I've been emotional it's something had to learn the hard way not to do as a brought my career do you still stand by what you said in do you think that president trump supporters are white supremacist still standby what I said I don't think that his supporters. Our white supremacist what I would say though. Is that they had. The privilege the benefit a privilege to be able to distance and disassociate themselves from certain issues me as a woman of color. I feel vulnerable to certain behaviors certain policies certain things that he said and done it has so all of that was part of that response a feeling of vulnerability. If it doesn't impact you directly or if you don't feel that. Is probably harder for you understand it and so I just as those. Who do support him to understand that that perspective this coming from that place is not about calling you out. Necessarily is about the fact that in his time. And it is no make it feels like people of color are under attack just. He sort of taken aback at what would you say to a Ben Carson. Who's working in the administration is obviously not white. Would you consider him it whites are assessing the army on eyewitness are sick I don't consider his supporters are every you also just have you stand by what you tweet it what does that he's surrounded by Wentz are yet but it doesn't big Carson I think that we know the names that I was not a sound administration does Odyssey was around about all. Everybody was probably what other whites a product is obvious he's the van and I can go down the list of people who it. Put at very least play footsie with white supremacist. That's half of that god which would you do it again because I know there was a second tweeted that and reference to get enough yet there's second tweet and you treated. In October. About the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who indicated the players who protestor in the national and thump. Would be told not to play. And you tweeted if you strongly reject what Jerry Jones set the key is as advertisers don't place the burden squarely on the players. And you are suspended for that me two weeks. Would you do that again no outcrop. Even do that again that I think this is the probably Twitter as we all know its leaders not a great place for nuance you know was it specifically calling for a boycott. Of the NFL or Jerry jaws but I understand how it can be interpreted that way and now let's just be keep it a hundred. Though that my employers and business for the NFL who managed some of those same advertises that Jerry Jones has. They are so our advertises abused yet it's not very much understood why I was. Suspended it was not related to the truck tweets it was more or less related to that end at putting the company in a tough position. USB. You know what I'd do it again and I would just do it at different way I would take it to Twitter what I should've done. Especially because we were having all these national conversation is going to ESPN and ask the back about a column. About it and stay a team. Try to at least in in a more. A widely you know with more breath and more depth you explain my position. Yeah because only 840 characters on what is the good thing about what a pretty towel I can't say headed the president tweets constantly. And gets into trouble and then does crazy stuff on Twitter you're getting in trouble people say crazy stuff you say you did -- -- I'd have to amazing when I was there might well what is scenarios don't let people continue to use so now because it seems like it's a destructive force. Rather than than a construct of sports so out. I actively understand that you pointed Eric Daze where I wake up but I go to Twitter not say oh my god this stupid people of one you know however. Their other times and other moments where really amazing things happen like the black panther challenge that's an amazing thing you know. They started off as a social media engine at what I'm really is a may not have been enough for your liking but there are positive interactions that take place. And I will say I reached out to you and all this going Chris that by the way welcome. Because I also sought the stuff that you were on the receiving end I mean people were calling used the N word they were calling you to see where. It was started the day of my little thing yet it was it was unbelievable to meet the vitriol that you cannot. For basically. Given your opinion. Much like we get yeah I. How did she feel about that you know at. Unfortunately it's something I've had to grown used to say you guys have had to as well and I hate saying that we don't read it. Well that he even still you know where else are terrified he's old you know it's out there right now is so. I hate to empower the idiots that do with him what you have to end his business to survive kind of has a six game. Yeah that you've got to have a very serious Staten and you know. You shouldn't. Really read aloud the trees 'cause what happens is people actually take some time hearty and start believing not yet. And my question always says why would you let somebody who doesn't know you. Affect you right. That when president there aren't there me and asked is so bad you know you're here today. We'll be right back.

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{"id":53252521,"title":"Jemele Hill talks tweets about Trump, national anthem protests, suspension from ESPN","duration":"6:35","description":"Hill talks her controversial tweet calling Trump a \"white supremacist\" after the violence in Charlottesville: \"I still stand by what I said.\"","url":"/theview/video/jemele-hill-talks-tweets-trump-national-anthem-protests-53252521","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}