Why police believe ex-boyfriend was not connected to woman's murder: Part 3

Adam Harvey was eliminated as a suspect by investigators, who say he had an alibi and no gun residue on his hands.
4:37 | 10/20/18

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Transcript for Why police believe ex-boyfriend was not connected to woman's murder: Part 3
This weekend - at Kohl's. Reporter: 11-year-old Jordan brown is having to grow up pretty fast. Sitting in a six-by-ten-foot jail cell will do that to you. And you were pretty convinced he still believed in Santa Claus? Yeah. You have a kid who believes in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. But -- Reporter: Is now standing accused of murder. Of masterminding something that sent a dozen state troopers on a wild goose chase. "The world's youngest monster." And that fueled the media frenzy and the presumption of guilt that stayed with the case throughout. Reporter: But if Jordan didn't kill Kenzie, then who did? Chris brown believes investigators had tunnel vision and need to take a long, hard look at Adam Harvey, Kenzie's ex-boyfriend of six years. A look at Harvey's Facebook page shows a cat lover. There's even a picture of Adam and Kenzie. The police asked me if there was anybody out there that I thought would've done something to her. And the first person to come to mind was Adam Harvey. She feared him. Reporter: She was terrified of him. She had protection orders. Protection from abuse orders. Reporter: In that protective order, Kenzie claimed Adam had left messages threatening to kill her and her entire family. Adam Harvey denies all of those claims. Unbeknownst to Jordan, his soon-to-be stepmother had a pfa against a gentleman who had been threatening to kill her, leaving threatening messages, who happened to drive a black truck. Reporter: A black truck. Remember, Jordan said he saw a black truck on the morning Kenzie was murdered. Jordan brown described a black pickup truck, which coincidentally Adam Harvey was stopped in. It's hugely significant. Reporter: The police, however, are not swayed, saying Harvey's black truck that day didn't look like it could have made the almost 24-mile drive to and from Kenzie's house and still have snow on it. There was a light coating of snow that we had on the ground. And when his truck was pulled over a short distance from his house, it still had snow on the hood. We cannot get over the fact that Adam Harvey did not have time to drive there and have the snow on his car. Reporter: But there is something the police discovered when interviewing Harvey. Kenzie's little girl adalynn, who was believed to be his daughter, was not his daughter after all. He discovered a couple months before the homicide that he was not the biological father. Reporter: This photo, posted on Adam's Facebook page years after Kenzie's murder shows Harvey holding a newborn baby. He writes, "That's adalynn I'm holding. Lied to for years." "Everyone knew and never said a thing." Adam told police he and Kenzie had fought over money. She wanted financial support for little adalynn, but Adam refused because at the time, he suspected the child wasn't his. He was the first person interviewed. He was the first person we located. To me, he was -- he's the guy. He had a pfa on him. This was textbook. This is the guy. This is gonna be easy. Reporter: But police say the investigation into Harvey quickly lost steam. They tested his hands for the presence of gunshot residue and there was none. And Harvey told police he didn't even know where Kenzie lived. And as the interview progressed through the first half-hour, maybe 40 minutes, I just got no indication that it was Adam. Reporter: So within an hour of an interview, you felt it wasn't him? Well, the interview went longer, but generally a half-hour, 45 minutes, you get cues. And you'll see body language and you'll get indicators, and -- Reporter: You saw nothing? I saw nothing. I saw a gentleman in front of me that was crying and he had -- Reporter: He was crying? Like, crying? Yes, yes. Even with the relationship they had, Adam was still in love with Kenzie. Reporter: Investigators say Adam Harvey cooperated during the investigation. He said he would take a polygraph. He also had an alibi, which his father backed up. He told police he didn't harm Kenzie that morning. So in less than a day, Adam Harvey was no longer a suspect. It's such a small window and unlikely set of circumstance. He found out where she lived, there was a shotgun in the house. He gets there before it snows with no tracks, gets by the tree cutting guys, it seems highly

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"Adam Harvey was eliminated as a suspect by investigators, who say he had an alibi and no gun residue on his hands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58624844","title":"Why police believe ex-boyfriend was not connected to woman's murder: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/police-boyfriend-connected-womans-murder-part-58624844"}