2018 summer movies: 17 flicks to know about

Peter Travers offers his top 17 summer movie picks on this special edition of "Popcorn With Peter Travers."
14:01 | 05/23/18

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Transcript for 2018 summer movies: 17 flicks to know about
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to this special edition of popcorn where we talk about. What's going to be at the movies this what are we can see there. This over a 130 movies and I have to talk about all of them so I'm going to talk about the ones that I think you should know about and that each city. You know in Hollywood. Arithmetic summer which by the calendar begins on June toward first. Began on April 27 when a dangers infinity war oh. And that's just the way Hollywood does its financing in other words the first movie that's a mega hit is the beginning of summer. So every other moving him in a talk about half hearted that avengers infinity. Which has not only the biggest opening at 250 million dollars at any movie history. It is already approaching one billion dollars at the box office world why can't anything be it it. You know last week did pool to came out and says I'm gonna give it a shot and me personally I love Ryan Reynolds and what he does it. Because. Kind of takes us to Matt. At any self Siri it's kind of figure. It's so great to see him promote the movie ask for an audience that seemed to have loved devil wears Prada or 27 dresses. He's always doing this you could see him now on Celine Dion PD. Basically photo Bob hard dancing across a scene this is the attitude that I love because I'm kind of twisted. But to me wind summer movies begin. It is the Memorial Day weekend which is just about to a protests. And that movie is so low a Star Wars story with Alden Ehrenreich who if you're like me loved him. Doing comedy and hail Caesar he is playing the young Han Solo which means the young Harrison Ford what is he gonna do how is he gonna do that. There's a lot of drama behind the scenes on solo Star Wars story because. The director's. Film award in Christopher Miller who did the leg on them. Take a fire recorders of the way through and Ron Howard was brought in to finish the movie and do reaches so what does that mean. Is it a mess or is it basically just on this bark. And make every once I'm talking to you personally people are you gonna miss Star Wars movie that matter why what's going on. Behind the scenes I don't thinks so that's a big. Following that we had to rest sick world and you know this one this drastic world fallen kingdom Chris Pratt is that. Dinosaurs every river remember they open the island before now they're not the dinosaurs get out a raptor it. Are confined to an estate so we're gonna see things where these creatures are actually have a roof over their head and are gonna kill us again irresistible. When you hear me talk about these movie you're hearing it but sequels and pre equals and rehash Y is that. Because what sells in the summer is something we already know what that originality is not the big thing and nobody really cares they're just happy about it. Another big movie that's coming is called ant man and the watts. The watts played by Evangeline Lilly. Is the first time in marble history. That a female cat there has her name in the tight. Can you believe that we've made great strides to do this. And you know the whole shrinking aspect of this movie I always found appealing as I do Paul Rudd in this character. So they're gonna go after finding Michael Douglas's. Plays Hank Pam. We're trying to find his wife who's been socked in some mysterious atmosphere. And Michelle Pfeiffer is gonna play her so I'm sold I'm gonna be there. Skyscraper. Is the next one skyscrapers. Stars Dwayne Johnson the rock. He do it I'm asking people definitely have a movie every month now didn't we just he Dwayne and something else this time. When a skyscraper in China is burning down he plays and war vet with it amputated leg so the rock has even more challenges to do it. And for some reason the guys such a charm ball that we're gonna be there to see what he doubts. Talk about seek walls we have one called Mission Impossible fall out I think pieces that fit. Mission Impossible movie in which Tom Cruise does everything and to risk his life force fan. This guy will do any stunt he can get away with it that the insurance companies will let him do. Yes the sky diving scene in this one that is unbelievable that he shot in one case. And another one where he's piloting a chopper to rendered by other job. Mean this is it see this popcorn this is what we wanted to go to the movies with a bucket in this scenario happened yes Mission Impossible went up. And then wade deeper into August when I end my talk about the epics that summer is a movie called Monday. It's to me. Sounds so tacky and yet so irresistible it's Jason state them fighting a 75. Foot shark. Hope have meant to adopt its giant shark and state them is gonna take it are. It sounds like something we all goes as the shark may you know as it comes to the movies I don't care. I wanna see cases date them biting at 75 which. It's the U. All right now I want to talk about a couple of summer movies which basically deal with women remember summer. When women couldn't be anything it was basically just wait till fall and we'll do some movies you could do. No more women are stepping up. It's not just time's up for sexual predators if time's up thwart studio chief that. Women don't belong in summer and look at this oceans eight. Ocean eight which is the female version of ocean's eleven but without George Clooney Brad Pitt Matt Damon any of those people. The women in this and Sandra Bullock is the star because she plays George Clooney's character Danny oceans exist. And what she's gonna do in the get a point two women together and they can take down the net gala. Oh my god on the winter what is in a do over that idea. Sandra Bullock Cate Blanchett Mindy king Sarah Paulson re arm up and the new storms somewhat awkward Fina. This is the name to watch but. I'm gonna watch them just take on the met gala and steal that diamond necklace off and Hathaway and to get away with murder because I want to. Then there's the Incredibles two now the Incredibles to me was one of the great Pixar animated movies of all time. It was made in 2004 so to long time for a sequel. But now the Incredibles who had always been told their superpowers were legal and as a family they had to retire. Have to come out of retirement to do this and basically mr. incredible voice by Craig T. Nelson has to stay home with the kids while momma alas the girl who is voiced by Holly Hunter. Is the one in charge so Holly Hunter to me. Can stand up and take control in any situation. This is great to see a classic animated movie fronted. By a woman this is almost unprecedented. And I can't wait to see how it turned out. Then there's mom mamiya here we go again mom media when it came out with so. Reviled by critics they fit. This is awful what is Meryl Streep doing singing and dancing to obelisk songs in the movie it became the most successful movie Meryl Streep has ever done. She told me personally that he did it because what she does them and like most in life. Is to thoroughly embarrass her adult children. She's back. She's doing it again but now we also flashback and we see Meryl Streep factor as a young girl they violently change. And now known that we get to see really chains have a mother played my share of all people imagine this share singing and an ABBA song like for an and also she airplane Arab streets mother had that happen aren't the same age. Don't know don't care I think we're gonna want to just take a look at that. And then the spy who dumped me the spy who dumped me as in what I would call B&B p.'s. Of any summer movie that Kate McCann case that he's the most valuable player on Saturday Night Live. She's here with new colors it's a spy movie it's all there for the fun of it. Ladies you may be your season hopes. All right you know some are big that's what we think huge it's always going to be. RO. Who spent more money on a movie and the avengers who can spend more money there are good things. In small packages. And I'm gonna start with one a classic now to me in the making. Har found called a renter. In which Toni Collette. He's giving a performance in a Har. And that I think will get her Oscar buzz we're seeing Toni Collette. Play a woman who's just buried her mother but really bizarre things are happening to her. To her entire them. And the movie has this. Team's work like that but it says do we have friendly. Path along it's fun. Half a long things that media are bad about that. If you were older generation. And with in the heart if you go like this when you're watching it is this so Smart. And really really scary read a Terry remember them. There's another one colts sorry to bother which is written and directed by boots Riley who's the rapper. He's decided to direct. The key stand fielded the storm is playing telemarketer. Who is African Americans and it told if you really wants to sell he used his white boy. The satire here it features fresh as anything I can imagine. You're going to see this movie is saying. Nor are they from hold an interest thing and something Summers not supposed to be about which issue or thing. He we have something almost revolutionary. Another one is called eighth grade it sounds me sent to you did to me before I saw like a documentary to batted eighth grade girl. And what should go through but it's not a document. It isn't a movie that deals with one girl. And she's incredible a name is Elsie Fisher. And it's what happens to her but everything is flown I have to share. My filth war. By like. And share. On my phone and watching does to do this and laugh and then cry like watching. It is the work of a writer director very young hopeful Herman who is YouTube's. The comedian and musician. And he has gotten it he the guy has gotten inside. Of the thirteen year old girl in ways I have never seen in any kind of movie before. If the earth is that the major contender at next year's Oscars I'll be really really surprised though right that went down eighth grade it's terrific. Did we have black Klansman black Klansman a Spike Lee movie. Spike Lee is in an out a lot with movies he loved ones you don't all of the other you don't happen but here. He's hit on a credible story. This in nineteen 78. True story a guy name Ron Stallworth. He was a detective he saw on and the paper from the Ku Klux Klan that was looking. For new people to participate in the Klan and do it. And even though he's African American and he answers the add and they like. House and snapped they want him and even though he has to hire somebody white to pretend to he has. Ciara David Washington who is the son of an actor called Denzel Washington hipper is the star of this movie. I think the truth of that the factual on this of it and taking it to what happened in 1978. To take that kind of racism that existed then and said we still exist now. Is Spike Lee a chance to go back. Two's great period of do the right thing very very exciting but it just the kind of movie that Spike Lee should be. And laugh. Laugh is a movie called crazy rich aged a comment. A comedy about. A woman played by Constance Wu who is engaged to a very wealthy guy. And he says you've got to come back and meet my family and Singapore. Hence the crazy rich Asian. I'm gonna say this right now what we're talking about in this movie is the comedy sleeper of the summer. You haven't seen it nobody really knows much about it yet. But you laugh at this movie and underneath that you're also hearing something that we governor in movies with war and to me. That's more exciting than anything something original something fresh. Something bit me yes talking rather than just sitting in just feeding the pop more. So it looks to me like summer 2018. As a lot of interest that. I'm happy and I hope you will be to.

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