Old Dominion on No. 1 album, CMA nomination

Old Dominion on the success of its new album and its CMA nomination for Vocal Group of the Year.
2:09 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Old Dominion on No. 1 album, CMA nomination
How still have a number one out. His great. That if you've been in heaven album that no one cares about. Well I feel like universally everybody was really excited about this record and I have some idea how hard you worked on it so. Ought to be especially. It is and it's you know you never really know we we think it's good we feel like it's good we're so inside you never really know of and you push it out there at discount like. Wait for the reaction and it's so far the reactions been incredible effort to hit number one's just off. You guys have so many a group of the year trophies now that I'm losing count how about how what you guys are you are today only county got a few recap it. We have it would seem alien to Jason two's news this its plan. Group was here we have a new all our new artist Ernest who. And I think sexiest men alive we yeah in it's. We best holy gene's word you and I like get this could ethicists note this will pee your. This could very well be your third. This would be ours are sending to see a male as group that the yet it is it would be second CMA took no yeah his new artists and now. Denominated bonds but I mean it's a problem to have when you're sort of what so many that you need it out right is the current problem so if you're handicapping it going and how to guests feel about this here. Phil did this to do it now you we have the Rosen guaranteed is here personal. Rosen guarantee. We went. Do you spoiler alert if a a did you play in speeches or do you wait. We don't really plan a plan for match against via. Usually just kind of you know wait until. We're walking up the stairs things to see what comes out. Well I would say. Very good and in your favor and it's a very competitive category it is very competitive carriers lot of great fans and there so. You never really know.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Old Dominion on the success of its new album and its CMA nomination for Vocal Group of the Year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66915915","title":"Old Dominion on No. 1 album, CMA nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/dominion-album-cma-nomination-66915915"}