Donnie McClurkin discusses his new album, ‘A Different Song’

The Grammy Award winner talks gospel music, his new album and more.
35:23 | 12/12/19

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Transcript for Donnie McClurkin discusses his new album, ‘A Different Song’
It candidly and ABC radio and of course I am black and highly favored to have a man of god. Sitting right across from me he's a patch there that he he's he's a musician an arts Heath. He he writes these same. Is that he speaks to the mat and I'm a little thing that you. Our can continue till till we leave this interview fill out let's stop here and introduced the wonderful and accomplished. Pastor Donnie McCracken Harry doing to handle him while new beautiful will. I'm mad at bill and very well I'm glad that you are here is that we can talk to you that stigma to your blood. Q how important it will live or it may pelvic it. Appreciates you. And of course we're talking about something that is magnificent. Eight studio album decrees. Great because that's really go but I get it through it the that great and they had difference. You know I wanna but before you begin Bellic does album a lot of say congratulations TUQ. Because many things evolve this young man sitting right across and is not young young man so. Bad bad bad call in the end of the U. And sixty recently lasts. Six to use all cannot. Did you peek at the port and a good I don't feel a duty over 59. How can I I can nexus I get good you're good you know it's crazy you know six decades he it's it's. It's gonna unrealistic who's kind of surreal. So I'm trying to wrap my mind around leukemia trying to act sixty of them still like 12100. Got execs can. Well we appreciate you for being on this earth because you've contributed so much to us over these years. And William Frey a sixtieth birthday. A little bit does with the deal. Thank expect. Well I mean I've heard a houseful of the rock inept distribute food I mean you had CC land and you have Erica Campbell. An egg. Tell us cubs landed a G and Jason Nelson Jonathan Reynolds has the Kyle walker. Amare Milan is surprised me king yes which remain Hawkins surprise me. And an acute this year. Due was the crazies. And do a good good dance troupe from that church all by itself. Is the greatest dance troupe in the world really. And it was. Emotional. It was really my son was they are my daughter was the in my two grand through there. You know almost film that's left my mom and dad is the first major reputed to me because we both went to heaven finally and and it was. It was remarkable. It was from. There were. 4000 people wrapped around the church. And I got there mister only seats 24. We had to and so many people away. It was Hugh. TE. Pole in Europe and the younger and younger gospel artist when first. And in the mid air Erica is and a and a key harassment second and then a old timers. I know are already gotten a man and he grabbed a microphone. And did the CC is that there's. The united god good government movement through a song tomorrow almost. Consume means there. Now we'll leave you. Being into this although the whole truth and at Norman moon moon. Known on the and then the group's songs for me the change of the change has come move from. That's got four million view it's. In injures a couple of days it was really. The crowning the crowning birthday for me for snowman. I mean. I think because to have you all in that space together yeah. The celebrates youth who celebrates you. Don't think it was a conglomerate it was yeah those elements put together detonated. Of remarkable night in. And you know. When where and when the past there farm wives came out and stand happen. He beat stand up and gentlemen nerves. Development nerves in my bing is hey. I'm singing your song who adrenaline starts thing a month. That's that's the fun that we have had for the last thirty years this month wolf forty years. Those ones. And this is who real and we could to give you. And I love that I I love that camaraderie I love that family that that need it. That you all have it as gospel star isn't in your own right when you come together it's a family affair is. And and I have to set way into the fact that this album is like a family affair to me because each song is as its. Only all its own power NN and out can can I say and regulations because it debuted one. Blonde on the sounds and current outlook. William tell me something I don't know cause I don't Tebow with the Charlie. I am trying to take majority tall and keep my Ben Galen I don't know these things would align the. You know on the billboard charts at number two top gospel and sorry I read you keep showing itself and I don't know why are you surprised but. I'm very happy. That I get to share this information with you literally goes as Bruce hearing. Grilling I'll add this to me now like. Act like you should be able in this space because you consistently show that you are top I'm. I'm I've never been comfortable with the industry aspect of it because it's so it it it it pits us against each other. Kirk Franklin who hosted the whole night. View. He's my best friend in gospel. And when it gets to the industry side you know we've become guarded or what we dogs in Italy and believe it's about before time. I never liked I liked to be involved with everybody. And what they do and so I a try to keep myself. Separate from these stats separate from the industry aspect of it that the managers and and and look at companies. And the exacts Cuba but that can keep my he would. I'm not not wind up competing with myself. You know. I would imagine it's very jarring hit to be in the space of focus and almost like you know really in touch with. God in having these these songs kind of come through you would then have to worry about the secular part of it would like is. The politics then this than and that so I I can understand that element although you know it is immediate like you should be. I know you're awarded by what you do within a way it's like you wanna see the fact that people are really going out there it's at England's growth now I guess that element comes in as well. And it doesn't you know BB ones always there's no you can almost never. If you Colombian news thing you know every aspect of this thing and and debts always been my struggle when I won my first grand the first two grams. For three. Was panic and panic stricken throughout the whole ceremony. That when they call my name of first time. I lived in my publicist. And they said the name of the CD instead of minding. And they said again the voters should elect look at these things that she said Johnny. It is called you and I was panic. How rare and and Ellen DeGeneres hug me and and view of the whole nine yards it was. Always keeps me an age I'm not comfortable or accustomed to it until I grab hold of the Michael been. We are true. In this. I would film not. The transition may not always be paying yes. Not conduct as I've always done it out of insecurity. And out of fear them. Because you know you're not good enough O would have just doesn't do well with what it would have been doesn't show according to would know. Burger boost that cities should sell. And I've always been concerned until filing. I had to divorce myself from it and go back to the spiritual. And say hey you gave it to me you handle it will be fine. Yes that's that this based would be an act in a story on that one. Now. You'd like I said I really truly love this album and I wanna get into that what I know you had the crazy is. Few months whom I mean you do just came from Africa OK so that's a story in itself. And then you were a new law then. I was in. But what a book I was in. The Domenico. To a full of those in Mexico. And before that I was over in Brazil. And and that's all in a month from Glenn didn't. To. Outline to African. It's been six different countries. And I'm just trying to figure out how you here is in front of me do when all is traveling and what a great thing that I as soon happen. Veto unless it's it's it's aluminum used to doing a few more comfortable doing it. We went to Africa. And about Tuesday. There was 770000. People out there. I am literally as far as you could see just two people from seventy yen to seven. They put me along at 3 AM in the morning. And nobody had gone home. And when you start singing in Africa everybody just sings with so you can start to Sloan and the whole place two streets over and eased him back and you cry. Is he created his own. Seat Airbus and tall and three having. In men's point that was the whole night me Travis green Tom Delaney. And it and it was beautiful but this is a part and parcel. Of what we do you know. Israeli air all content that you do in a nationally Nigeria. And you know you just he just gave such a beautiful beautiful kind of snapshot of of what that experience like. But how has it been to see these crowds increase increase an -- become to this great Matheny. I can only fathom. You know speaking of right people who singing and performing MEM Powell how does how do you you know. Deal with that energy in that space and you have to be overwhelming Null. It really inspires you know the hardest part is. Breeding for them to call here. Maybe because that's when your mind it gets into this followed go trying to calibrate and try and you know trying to. Are comfortable with W. But as soon as you stand out on stage and the music begins you draw from 780000. People. And it makes you feel like you can sing all night loan. And and and as long as there's singing with you and their hands of worshiping. And the music is on point and the thing is behind your doing their job. You it gives you a sense. Oh of confidence that you I can't even express to your words so it does it it takes away the Q I'm more timid in front a small grants. That gives you all that you need to know elders you need to feel it's Africa. It does not like an American cause it's Africa. Where they've travelled little they've traveled fifteen and sixteen miles on foot. Just to get to go to the ground. They stayed here. Throughout they got there at 7 AM in the morning with the magical start 7 PM until 7 AMX. And filmed all of those things make you understand. The global impact but your music you can't have that sense of global impact from America. It's really stepped off of the American shores and they know your music that's when you know the guns give new global impact. Yes and and sexing hat and that you haven't you and mentioned London because. We all. Relish over live from London. One of those album that is definitely life changing I mean. I don't you think I'm not a thing of making. How much yet to you know it's like I can listen to that album he found it introduction. Amendment. Calling that. It all things so talk about. You get a recording last month. Our guests. Jim in two months ago now rank I'm commemorating the twentieth anniversary. This platinum selling one he continually. Went off the problem. Roof. We took everybody back that was there was no sleeves. All the views fingers from twenty years ago the produces from to a musical. Now we had to do two nights because it was a sold out of ninth. So we had to do two nights recording. As well Wisconsin. And. Again. You stood up on stage and you started the songs that you think twenty years ago we kids that are twenty and 29 missile that 89 years old. Sitting in the audience and we gate. And all you had to do is to start singing the song. And everybody studied singing with. You know you read followed out the whole pre order Reid can. And little bit above the goal into the studio. And figure out how to put my lead vocal and because I just put the mindful lead held it out over the audience and they say. Well as we danced. Re saying in. And not in Europe book re saying in Swahili. Re saying in Zulu and soon to heal. Regis made a whole night. It was it was wonderful two in nice. X yeah yes bless this system failing overwhelming in this of that moments. I can only imagine yeah. And I I love that you constantly do this you constantly bringing the people YouTube you bring you bring them back human. You put them in the midst of all of this and of course this album a different song. You know as you know Yuri on the chart but. It delves into this narrative of again let's talk a little bit about. Two of the songs that you know art. Obviously singles that really have such an impact full. Message. On. There is guide yeah and I want to talk a little bit about that because I'm you. A little research here in there and we know he'd give a really great introduction on that but then. I also notice that. It was inspired from the scene from a raisin in the so can you talk about out if you Sidney white sea air and always with 32. On the net and numbers when it right to know like when a young girl told her mother god did not exist but that was the scene. So can you talk a little bit about that it and how that kind of it incited or ignited something in new. Well what's the movie's filming a ton and I'm sixty what the were Buick. But found that one home where the mother. Is she's really struggling and she wants to support her son in his in his endeavor to move out of the community. She wants to be helped to him but he's got his own problems. And she's a praying woman. And she says something about prayer in a month and and a daughter's with the militant black. All mama. Does no good if there is a god movie be living like this this is what our god does it's. And she's going off in front of a mother you your brain to who you going to do is nobody. And among the walk of terror and it's so of course the place is she grabs official looks Blatter added a mother a modest extra finger incidents. You repeat after me in mum mother's house. There is gone. And that always got cut in court. And she repeated after her. And then we're would not finally got to know Oprah Winfrey got was her favorite line in the whole show to do so we're like kindred spirits Mike yes. Mum mobile felt overlooked abusive there. Years go. We're we were. Oprah's police in Chicago. And to advise and we are some of the show we BBC she knows that you invited mr. OCE. And would have a brain storming through certain that the table brainstorming about Soes. And we were talking about. God. And one of the guys. Got one Star Search for them it's. And he said. She said something about god he's O what are you talking about you talk about like some credit Jerry Falwell kind of thing. You know he Tug. At all pushed up everything. I went into a reason in the fun moment. She said don't bring that Emma. Do not bring that in mind. I know what's right and I know what's wrong. Now we do it or not whether we do that that's arduous but don't you bring that in my house and this house and I said it would. There you call. Did you. Of the one and shoes on that they would give me a subdued slow start dorms there. She walked the waters. On. And bad debts Ream made it to me this kindred spirits. And that's when the song missile came last year. And I woke up and I heard. There is tunes. Is Daly is there means being with. Is there news god. And I was Lincoln to keep my iPhone on the pillow next to me with you know. How are bearing do you stocky mop up my phone there Priscilla if you listen I love you go away known. And I mean I heard and in my dream. I've turned my voice memo on that slang it's wouldn't forget. And then want to put on the boy's mom went to month and human. And just coupling. Tunes then and reverses came later. And the song was so hunting it wouldn't leave me alone. When I went to church until it is church barges so that I could memorializing. And the became an anthem of our church and that's how I knew that it was going to be something a little more than a regular song that's where the a different song title came. Because it wasn't the same consol yeah. The and you now. That was cites. Her eight. Lovely way to talk about how this one idea this one little word this one little phrase can can grow and in make it into something. So I guess I'm curious as is the process of making this album was it. Something as specific as that or did the all have their own unique way of coming together because that that seems like it sells. It's that they each have their own Genesis. It was a different births for every one of them and pour my breezes uncle pull a pretty. And has got to kind of Tina Turner. Padded the bill pending the bill. And I was driving from my house to. Kennedy Airport. And when I got to rockaway boulevard. Her June. Wound. Full moon. It is only applaud them sing it but please don't and it came out of nowhere. And I keep telling people when I do seminars about songwriting. That would you. A songwriter. Bad type of B of creative use that kind of created you can fool. Music out of out of nowhere. It's a mr. cool kind of Q. That doesn't frequency that nobody else can hear. And you and you've got some kind of receptive. And you pull it under melodies can know by the trauma doctor Kennedy the holes along with the and went on to audit to everybody must at Andrews Omar got the attention corny song like a Muppets on the Muppets you know dancing over. Oh that's so corny and all the groups and on this colon. Of what goes on the vote. Will be signed papers got. It. It became one of the strong songs on the people always a low of Paloma put so we went to Mexico three weeks ago. And reciting. I'm Tina Turner is through cable. I'm pulling him. I'm. So we go on its nonstop assault really. Really nice. And east. Obama gonna get a little tough. And the whole place is broke out laughing. Everywhere he returned another remarkable step. And we clambered that song. It was the hit of the whole entire night that and there is god here and you know. But they tell each song came in its own Genesis. There's only. I love that NEO. It did assisting because I know how I would say and directly from our meticulous you are you can and you are still focused on how do you manage all these different things because you have a pastor of which Harrington your artistry aren't tore. You're you're pouring out to all these masses I mean how do you manage these things I mean I know god obviously is a big part of all of it but. But I'm on the day today. Like what does. Pastor Don McCracken do to kind of stay grounded. He stays in God's faith. He keeps himself surrounded with the spam. He is done is always. Conscious of done. And make sure that I do things according to an able to do need a finally got from whizzed. By the government could my did you think god takes care babes in pools in your new baby them. And I started realizing what my capacity was what I can do. I'm already in blue routine. Multitasking and juggling all of these balls but now got to do so. Purpose and what would have a ball does not fear. Among juggling adjust to juggle. I'm at age and stage where I'm gonna make sure that maximize my moments. As vision objects to regatta maximize our moments now to get the best out of it. Everything we'll take wind energy or attention from what is my best. Cut that thing off things and people. Are only do I'm called to do based on who I am. I completed piano but on the can be the musician of the church can stand in the bucket a ship but I'm not going to be a the duo called to be not just do because and and that really be it's a whole lot of stuff that I would have involved muscled yeah. Had I not said Beckham took stock in who got called me to be. More than what I can do he called me to be a human being not a human doing and that's what I've got to focus all my energy. And that's what caused me to be able to have this kind of Renaissance now 125 your soul indeed gives me. The tactic you know his. When you reach sixty you symbols to be you know. Slowing down and and winding down but it seems like something of an excellent kick started. But now them the importance is only. Beauty who God's call due to be. Everything else may look at made it may be good to you Bernard good for you. Don't mature image he's been diverted. Keep your focus and focus hard on becoming everything got called Tuesday. A monument the mess I think he came upon by the Abu and I humanism and hold our hand on the math and we thought he was. You know yeah how you know I think the dollar. It's. Thurmond is really a way of life now forming. Is. Funding of the god is more than what I saw in the four corners of the puritan. That god has got to be the god of my whole mind my mind months old. Spirit mine. Mine mine view the essence of me. IQ dropped the opening she drew kill zone. She's at some during a comparison with his. And somebody asked to sit you know how does that he'll be living out her dream. She said Olivia I'm living my dream I'm living in my dream. I'm living out God's story. God's dream that he had of me when he first on about. And I grabbed a hold of that pain and that rang a bell in the wake up every morning Johnson OK god. What did you dream about before this day. Let me live this thing out and fulfill it took him degree of which are dream. I would bet everything that he has planned for you comes to we. All of the money's all of the tensions all of the opportunities. You understand by setting your day up. Asking god show me what you dreamt about me for today. He showed. I'm an attitude and I got a little prayer and I'm telling. It'll mean it'll mean the world before coming into the mother was OK what did you dream but we're talking about today. Help me out how wonderful for your dream that's why I was excited when it's so you hug you. Because I am in place to fulfill the dream the god Graham for me today after. Isn't that the bullet. Yeah I sent back to regard them. Well. After this so much more airline get into but look here here's what I want fans to know because. I feel like we've been having such a great conversation. Now we have this new generation and common up. And I asked you know every wonderful art he'd manage god what ever you want to call it. It didn't weigh in on kind of this new generation in how they can stay connected because. We have other artists out there I yet Connie well and what not that want to jump into the you know should we be counting an end to the the world to an introduction millennia old in. There is god too but like you know where we're should we beat. In this space when were trying to bring in the people of a different generation and do you feel the Connie west of the world are. In an ascent or are they it took me through to the space man. You know. This is where religion. Gives on people's nervous. And this is where people shy away from religion because. Of the eccentricity. And its comments you know fraternal. You know social cool oh. You can't be a part of this peak lose. You know everyone of us in religion came out of something. And someone was still in that we need to really give it to get but you know we all came at a summit we all we all. Experiencing life on our on our limited finite terms. It was them them revelation of god and the love of god. The cause us to see life in a different way and come to god. For the for the for the transformation that would give those what we have now. Melbourne we see other people coming. That's when the opportunity kits kicks was either pass this test you gotta walk let me talk let me think let me let me. I don't let me go to church flag mean you've gotta be me didn't that you're not about his club's suspect. Now but we get a wrinkles don't crack it when somebody in the talks. Kanye if there is no different than me coming to know god or anybody else coming to appreciate god. Downward revision start saying no that qualified I don't know but Jeannette still to a legend uses. You know. Debit and we kill. What god does in its infancy religion somehow kills would god wants to do. In its infancy before it can be calm. I'm looking at Kanye and this thing of all I want to do is represent. This change a lot of ups and this love of god. I don't want to reach out to the generations that don't pebble go to church but people who follow me don't go to church. So number in the church today in which the church should have been double in. Don't go on to live don't listen and leave the church should have been doing this a long time ago. But we've made it insular you've got to come to coach. It is never late for people to come to the church is made to go to people. And that's bad and you see this young man traveling. Around the world on his own dime. In his own just in 200 thing as we've been around of course country and around the world. And sending thousands of young people from not just the millennial but from I'd she ends or whatever you call announcing. Z Jones or whatever legends with you know. Every generation is coming and that would not come under my. Baby boomer generation. Who's going to reach them so god says well I mean that you'll seemed forgotten which are mission was really coming aboard. Who crane that she refuses. Let me transform you lose you Mellish tenants in May. I repent everything I did before he goes in my music noble. Most of dancing and singing into Google the bush team playing with no but you know it could. I'm not doing that no more. He's done all the people that trouble wouldn't you gotta live a certain way if you were troubled me you gotta live a certain way. And when you see this recusal snoop try to change since you brought about album. And the religious community shut that down. Wouldn't even nominated. There was room was a number one CD. Wouldn't even nominated for Grammy good people in the Grammy association blocked. Visit he's not really gospel. Wouldn't talk. Steve Harvey comes in and you tons of libel for your god. But he's still in custody and don't question he is not. Not a Christian. When did god hire you to on the vetting committee and then we and we killed things in its infancy. I would they'll come you keep doing this man could you reaching people that I Cambridge chants of apple. He's wondered and been dealing with Kanye Chad's been ministering to people left and right. You've got so many different. Opera tickets. Covert operatives that are out there that are trying to change a thing and doing a tall blond good job. The woman I think of the generations. This is all for you all this is not just for older set 'cause we were not always cool. I was young. And now I'm old now you don't I'm friends were grad is night and Patti LaBelle. And older smitten I was friend in the read but none of these younger guys have come in. There to transform people's lives I'm not killing some of the gods please. I think everyone of the young people jump on this because is really going to bless. Will you have been immense blessing to us well give him he never forget that never amber and and advocacy act packet feeds them every night a man and a your friends. I'll get that appreciate you but before we go. Plant for the holidays. And the time idiot if they'd the most wonderful time of the year. The embattled flown number unbearable and who of them here and get many accept it we go I don't do holidays. On Thanksgiving Day. We feed about three to 400 people in our church between the whole church sanctuary. Into a restaurant. With tons of food little. And twos long stations of food we bring in the homeless and we bring in people from the shelters. And we bring in the people in the community that don't have money don't have family and we of about three to 400 people every year. Hungry feed them from 11 o'clock until two. Then this Saturday before Christmas we do the same thing. And we have toys in the basement the bullet with the church the ED TV kids downstairs. And hundreds of people. All the tuition killing all the quoting you can carry out. New clothes new shoes new coats in all sizes and we make sure that the church is more than just the place BB pound pulpit. And once we finish that will do this on the 23. And yet twenty. First things from first. The truth as. Of December. And Wii Fit finish feeding them. I'm going to go home and growing global move them. On Christmas night. What Christmas Day we have missed 12 AM 12 PM service for an hour and then after that campaign to combat can go to someplace warm. And I lived there until December 30. I'm was felled by England to see my daughter. And Steve good to have the 31. Jump on a plane incumbent Coleman welcomed the new year in the church. After acting like a plan that could I don't do all the little frills onto the cement and onto the kids I don't give gift not owned by Kenneth. I don't perceive them I don't buy them in my during the Israeli if it's Christ's birthday when in my mind you would give the you know didn't. And so I never bought into that stood up once I got olden. And so what I do I like to go and use that forum meet. Did artwork Emanuel and and army wants America to bear we going to publish central pale. All Christmas or because you'll somebody's definitely knew what. Happy that's the money to tend to help you gonna happen. Will you deserve the very best. Deserve the very doesn't thank you so much and of course aren't. A difference on that difference. Available now and all the platforms and all legal or has please take it out because you don't be blessed from efforts back to finish eleven tracks wonderful. They Keisel must be boom. Pakistani McCracken everybody thank you so much for stopping by ABC radio talk to me Candice Williams signing off the next time. I.

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