Rams' Running Back Todd Gurley on Moving to Los Angeles

LA Rams' star Todd Gurley talks celebrity sightings and his slow start to the season with ABC News' Olivia Smith.
7:16 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Rams' Running Back Todd Gurley on Moving to Los Angeles
That tied it eagerly writing act for the Los Angeles rams formerly of the Georgia Bulldog I think it's been much for joining. Thank you. We're very I'd ever gonna pick up all in just sit back but I'm excited night and looking for some tips from you. It's a little socialism. And take lawmaker I did. Them put question. We're here to give you invited back and Campbell's chunky invited us that's a little bit about the average and an all star. So we're just move for the chunky soup on every man are thoroughly. Distant congratulate every day guys you know make sure you tune in every. Every day off failing dot com don't know. Every man leave dot com. It's at about whether and how it's kind of been a fan chicken soup and plans are those who can always the most famous you know happy to have the other. Cool all cool and he got back there that went right now moving on actual things keep them all noticed in football experts bring you look really high. Does it put pressure on you knowing that your other people in the football team. My religion of income supplement the last couple weeks we'll. In my teens do when it's happy with that yeah I can get free get free OK don't really use your faults and if you had to meet its. I don't know Antonio brown and can't go around eight the bees. Julio thing we did last week. Have you got to taking out about act. I mean the little authority over the you know Wisconsin Leighton cap and trade for people but that's about it. I and chunky and Campbell's chunky but I'll steam heat to think that acted and that healthy and you know be able to go out there and tell it on the field. You know where whatever poultry feeds me you know kind of unit. I don't Howard benefit techies who've. You know he's grown up and then being able to actually do this he never would have thought this enemy and use those pretty critical thing from going to. You know actually eating soups actually haven't relationship with. The ball well I think you just thank you from Atlanta as what is it like living in Los Angeles Andy love it. Ariel weather's great you know children practice yesterday just right name. You know throughout our taxes gone too soon. Definitely definitely vote for sure though you're in the land of celebrity is is there any without that you went nine of an inch on the street. On. Nothing Rex Annan where here. Have fun you might even be here. School is being here we have you know. Celebrities everywhere so just let you know gone from Saint Louis to here is there's natural fabric you wanted to see celebrities when she. One absolutely okay that'll knock it down to playing some football I got my Brothers volunteered. And don't forget you out there like myself I know your your main job is handling it protecting and it. Do you have any tips Brad showing me how to grip the ball. The group where you are quite well legislative plan how looked at banning. It was slow pace the national picture the I guess the coaches call the points. I don't even know what it is because I've just know Idaho the ball very Duluth. I'll legacy has hired type oboe. And interest about you know boat. And it's all caught a pay. Heights high risk about it anti that you can have borrowing and I got. The ball inside Chernobyl the authority to get totally out yeah it definitely not as does better not right which Google going to be Aruba. Out of the this is not nationals meet. It he fumbled and we both. Liking coming up and that it is seriously if that happens you definitely jeetz. App. Okay that got like bent on digging a hole and now hey let's pretend it's people who eat tenth. Should I get around and headed ate your tax dollars home orange. Not. I got talent you. You know on the hit a living. A joke. We'll for the time. Actually to that it flat feet. Episcopal that the team is more individual voice command in effect in the second level for Plano went through many people vote. He IdeaPad defense lineman back to let me wanna go around I can't hold any thing out the when you cut it. You'll ala is and you want you that a vote in. Settlements in my youth summer holidays and they rock fans. Is Ruth. It's. No matter who jumped over somebody's hand into the ocean such as did. Without which visited. I was that one out in India has been asked I don't want to picking on the spot. I tried to make people and an op. Okay though and you you don't really throw the ball much but it. Any tips for someone like me you has probably never when in my life. I think it's it's on the laces but. Not quoted. Yes he's giving of palms news. I think it's Connolly says they're definitely. Can try pairing ATM you attack. I'm good at Beloit that a pay ready. We got it. Can't get let me go back bar we got it. It'll take you like it not me bum me I got the beer to Connolly says. And this action program. Com and it and you know it'd been any plan is an absolute from a post them okay. I'm you want that out act. I felt like again you know at that taxes. On the left handed to them it's. A Muslim ally when I Drew Brees. Nice no eighth. Through. On got a got up and it actually ultimately completely failed at that but it was fun trying. Are you headed for the games and that. Most definitely excited silently from the home from episodes that home. That the bills. Very sad do you have anything like a little special thing indeed a pact to get ready before they game. He not a super fish them out like a lucky Hank your chest. Hope. The candidate think anything's not yet on natural talent and skeletal we've seen here and very impressed ID Cologne. And no doubt. They eat that much for joining as we really appreciate it then we are crucial and it. And then leave that time. End all okay that he might eat the need is all I don't forget to check out new digital and forecast. We're time decree quit and dispassionate and thinks the mr. watching I'm Bolivia snapped.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"LA Rams' star Todd Gurley talks celebrity sightings and his slow start to the season with ABC News' Olivia Smith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42629972","title":"Rams' Running Back Todd Gurley on Moving to Los Angeles","url":"/Entertainment/video/rams-running-back-todd-gurley-moving-los-angeles-42629972"}