'Real Live': Aaron Hernandez reportedly suffered from CTE

"Real Live" talks long-term effects of head trauma in football and more.
20:49 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Aaron Hernandez reportedly suffered from CTE
Hello and welcome to a special and a summer edition of real lives I'm Mike Roth and the David Caplan and I'm joined as always by the stars of the show currently against Frederick. Like news brought you guys. Dominated every times on the genetic monster you know you can't spirited but it. Again we're some fun topics talk about today. To get off with celebrities and religion. You know. Best figure talk about anything. Lot of in the news these days if you take it back couple months ago Justin Bieber is. Take some time off to you know find themselves then. In his Tor we talked about culpable. And yet again. And then now the big discusses Jada Pinkett Smith and science policy two very different. But also tied to get there concepts. What you guys think about this is it do we need to know celebrities religion is an important when as a factor in your thoughts. I think people desperately wants it buying her. It's. Anyone's mind connection between and some. Other people's them you know they have. All their. Lives now. To hear that might be of comfort to them. Buy it. Particularly. I think that pay the taxes. And I have a contentious reputation in like. Yeah. I don't go very carefully. It red yeah. Rise apartment but it's at now this issue with religion within celebrity. At the right guy gets presented at every award show whether the apps there is we just had enemies like god is the first person who was staying. So I think what it comes to. Celebrity Arabic religion becomes as polarizing toxic Spain. I think the issue with signs onto the reason why because become so contingent is. It's Ecstasy cuter religion if you will we just don't know a lot about it right there's not a lot of science content features on television preaching sermons as you do with other religious acts if you. Into what it comes these conference issues and they rise plant Ozzie. There's no official response from the war plan Nazis and then we're left to wonder what it is is a winds levees due come out or not come out of their science colleges. You immediately think from the negative things that you hear about Scientology's right just by deep ball and I think that's what it becomes. At issue. I think guys weren't so it katic and it's really comes to politics I think I think that's a win. The Robert had an Easter rule with lie. I into politics and so that the policy of religion is a much larger. Did this sadness and accounts that space. With fever and and Jeanne if they're they're very they're vastly different that right so beaver. Is to differences within within two different kinds situations of beaver he did cancel storms are fans are upset about that with the same time it seems like he is. Using that as a way to better himself against ciskei you know he's been performing and touring since he was like 1213 years old one ever. And now he's taken some time off and dangerous thing the G-8 a thing is adjusting and only your thoughts on this because it almost feels lake. Psychology aside because I don't think comment on something I don't know much about. But it seems like she was almost called out by Leah remedy has been very vocal against the church of Scientology's. And she took it upon herself which again if it's true. Go in or do you she tweed out the series of tweets saying I've done all these things I don't need to identify as a Scientologist I just. I've been you know I've I've tried in oh she Sybase and buddhism christianity. GA is. Happy. Now here about IA. And so. It's weirdly you don't wanna judge based on a religious original aside almost seems like she was called up publicity being call when you think about that this is it. Easy target to be caught out because Lina is on this quest almost seems like to really exposed. And it is is in Scientology's. I don't understand what the motives that it is behind her mission if you vote. I think Jada has been so out front invoke a lot of issues when it comes to diversity in Hollywood you know dismissed advisory is examine what accounts a how to read their children right and this this chores are buried these three. Individuals who grouped differently because the freedom because their parents or this this has always had this intriguing notion of that it goes to larger question guys Aniston's of the role that religion is playing in today's society. I think just as a culture as a society we're trying to figure out what is religions a lot of individuals he's that individuals abandoning the traditional structure of religion and seeking spirituality. Well now we're hearing a lot more use in terms of right. Energy interns and of that we're hearing more about the universe like instead of god and I think as we have more information now decided to social media of the everyone that was this. Questioning religion and their position with and it. Ended dogma it burst the spears out tennis I think that's what religion and celebrity has become such interesting topic. The need to say god. And I just say I think that in today's socio political climate that people kind of really resorting cute. Religion or spirituality our parent they want to have however they want to Freeman and so I think that has become a comfort to people including celebrities though. It's it's it's a really it's. Thin line to trend right. Is that he's. Nuts and are about even with the poem where I've ever gonna get our guys gonna win because he had air. Not that isn't it be it would make more as does the Pope. This Pope is very acting like Twitter rant that what was almost a celebrity and it in south and so as a began to have this course urban league's and the Pope. Read legal is that it's packed cumulative because tactic that accused of his new. So civilly or term in the list ranks of the Pope is as minimal as Pope now has when they extract into the path right was keep us apart. He he'll forgo on their rates used that Roberts with and so he's gonna hold reports of minimalism. Different way religion and I think that's an interesting as millennium now artists at that point deterred as often as they like. This Pope is finding new ways to connect and identify its I think that altitude makes in the conversations were and when it comes even as the Pope. I think sorry I mean a lot of people are also a lot of celebrities are also is almost become a me Andy in Hollywood that celebrities have this. Other platform. Whether he believes in weathering the and now and went right to whatever it isn't I think religion hats or religion and spirituality. Rainier for emea has become another platform. That audiences can identify with or knotted. It is important because and I thought about does not rothmans and I'll get your take on this is Madonna remember about in my whole rapper I remember indicate it is very trendy big and no shots fire took about nothing at the trendy thing but. It became just pop quotes from home and win it became cool to Wear red string. Around your rest right added he began to question I think product about him is that as though studies to have a way of elevating its friends. Creating trends to Mosul and me Regis it highlighting. Things that may be more. Obscured. Before move on though. I do think it was and she we brought the Pope I thought it was. It's nice to see him in and there's nothing to discuss here but it's nice to see him he seems more open I think if more people are or open and and. Not dogmatic with there the religion it seems to be more accepting he's mentioned millennial Woolsey I guess only time to policy that has a better approach where it's not like. If you're Catholic you have to be Catholic and you can kind of experiment and find what makes you a better person more p.'s. Pitting. To another happy topic. Now. CT. Which we're we're getting excited to sports guys in here now at a home. Jones and a very divisive topic indeed. For years you know there's been reports. Just actual players. Just having this disease which is just caring crop you know cross the spore and families in an ex players. Air hand the latest person to usually diagnosed opposed humans so. That's the trouble with CTE an air and it is the lack as the latest. 2324. That's cool breezy first of all reactions someone so young having disease and then what does it mean with. Someone who was convicted of murder in jail for life took his own life late. Does that factor as far as motives and things like that. I think resident at the guidance it CT I think football is always this article offseason is in this currency's. Gains. Happen as it shouldn't. Because and it the policies in the most viewers are watching that's where one time of these. Cultural conversations about how the players is as you mentioned your right allotment he had the highest category category three TTE is one more category it's hard and that. Acted and acted. What cemeteries are saying is that policy he creates depression. Paulson this as are wondering clay in to him committing suicide. We get to determine whether an evening to do with the homicide that was created when he was the read rumors that he created. But there is that these its arts and there it but with more confusing two incidents like we're going to go on as a nation in terms. Teachers youth. Rain and and I who encouraged him to stay in football or opt out of football I think that conversation. The. It's there's two points who you had a really great descriptions so what we're gonna do is actually throats of the clip. Doctor Jennifer and Ashton. Pathetic mayor Joe Brown hair it added. It has a really good this description of what this isn't what this diseases and how you get a sense I want order Roloson you can understand more and layman's terms. For sure I'm really for members CT neuro degenerative brain disorder caused by repeated head trauma. Causing symptoms of memory loss aggression depression in some cases suicidal behavior. We can only diagnosed this on autopsy now there is no screening test yet for this. Just recently peak study in JAMA out in July. Found evidence of CT in Maine 9%. Of deceased NFL players' brains now there could be bias involved there because those players may have been having symptoms. They're for more likely to donate their brains for study. And again there could be other factors involved in terms of the pathology of CT we're just at the beginning of understanding. So that was this morning on GMA. As as we mentioned before it's it's only can only diagnosis afterwards and I think we've. I hope flavor in there are missing concussion I learned a lot from that a lot from reserves. And. It's just leave things be a very. Large growing stain on the national football. And what will do moving forward with this beloved game that essentially adding mobilize millions like. It's Sunday today of the week that's churches but now the national football the islands that are in this. With this you know prevalent disease that doesn't seem to be anywhere around you know I think the speed the strait the size of of the players hitting each other there's no turning back. They're not gonna stop being you know big and fast and stronger can this take down institution. Like the NFL. By may be making people less congested because of what it's doing to people. I think that was the discussion acting. A rose while Alec prior accidents but during the afternoon session came out people are just like you know. That didn't do. One it was written movie but it didn't think it. Can't read about him there but I think a lot of Chris eight to collect prisoners criticism for her. Quote quote taking down and that Alison my people just not ready for a lot of people despite you know obviously in evidence or whatever cases people have. Issues when it anything targets it's obvious that them. And if using that to can't literally picking up on as a result of the conversation prompting questions. The NFL profit never came out and said that there is a tie between CT the and it though player until very recently. Once they can they always audit makes it this is true this is admit there is Portland's oh institutions years ago I mean really funny because they know. You could see how much this is going to effect. The fabric of this gain you. It affects the fabric the decision saying with monster pipeline you rob is a point we talked about you know Sunday is not reserved for football there is is gladiator. You know kinda essence around football that that's for the fans like Wright would get those big hits it was big plays you kind of sit back and carpet Sunday Eagles blow right anyway for the highly with a money morning's it was B kit that's the key testing dates it it's that of a play where there's not a lot of big hits going to we said again getting boring does not act. Athletic play for guys are catching that the book Bobbi had at home at about one of those two things we say the game is getting bored. Tipped to be there at NFL they army is some change in terms of height and tackle hike in here hide protect the quarterbacks is different things at play when it comes of that. I think that we'll walk that opposed beacon long term they're thinking. Do parents opt out it's tutoring playing football and how that affect their pipeline going forward if they're sorry to do. Flat foot laws that tackle football are high that affect them mature into the sport themselves. How that affect intricately into college within its relations and now so that and it was really taken big interest into the pop Warner aspect of it because with. Reported saying is that. It's really between the age of ten and twelve. That it's out of my elected have long term effects being creek costs if you will by having so much at that hit combat that. Do you feel comfortable and in. And it will not all children. That's another sort of it and I Q would you let your kids play football. I you. I. Now it actually indeed that would let them at the seriously consider an output boxing in the areas you know a lot of those context was here with Regis. Attacking some money but that's part of the sport it's. This is Josh Robin has as a. Good question actually act and I would say yes that I would. In the reason why I will be one those fathers who via advocate on this island to make sure. That might shoot my child's teen had adequate sports trainer had had. Most advanced equipment that is possible what happened doctors physicians on hand but and that kind of goes to where we are with class right right into the classics them. Great school districts with. To financial support it it's a four adults trainers doctors physicians on hand at where those who come from more rural more urban community that hasn't happened budgeting. We're cover that. Unless protected because they don't have a doctors they don't have it right into acts in which house NFL. To partner in war with districts that don't have great financial support and backing for their -- athletic teams to ensure. That those students are covered too as well to protect the future other pipeline as they want either a become fans of and it not watch every Sunday. Repeat become players. Certainly do that time that might yet that much what we think about the trend lately it young players union that gore Chris Portland. Myron Rolle was one and I looked at today Rhodes scholar stay on the gators. Lol whatever I had. You know what's ox Thursday. With a threat but it's used out of the cattle while I have. All these guys either had a very short apple career walked away you know it's not worth it. Born in in the case of role he just like you know what I'm he's study these things like basic in Europe surged one day. And in obviously he's like in if he was drafted he said he put this. What does that mean for the fans for NFL for. And the city's trend and and I mean they're taking the others equally blame does that kind of raise awareness. About. Raise awareness of it so when you have players like that Hussein. I'm not leave well currently. Roberts to other careers in particular to do research to study on. Only heightened awareness. I'm shot David and is that in this vein age of technology that we had that war has been done to create more advanced helmet systems and that's protect players. I find that very shocking I'm curious what. That it does position is more research and development. My take is it baby into tumor research and UREDE in even more that mr. that there is issue a problem with individuals like being cots. I don't think that the individuals. Playing this were just yet because. It is for some people great way to make money right so when you're that young agent part one high school. Several of their lives and dosage which every talking about from the class right and sometimes the way out. It's sports at the way out is entertainment to be an act. Actor to be NC eager to be a reformer that's the way of making it where others can see education as option and that's how they can opt out and it now. We're sent his Rhodes scholar where sound educated means that the priorities I think that's where the rubber meets the road and that's what we have typical conversation as Americans with the values on and I would love when they export ripening and NCAA athletes be paid because. That's radicals and stolen. Children are among us today I had been possible legal system opting out of Britain and about Arctic in for financial gain for long term. There's well. We're gonna go to our final segment in real talk yet around the rooms throughout but final thoughts we have like Saddam. You know guys I'm so excited there is this new individual does new director who has becoming the toast of Hollywood his name as Bryant into roads and Brian it's gross new film has gotten selected urban film festival. What's happening this weekend and he has is live action animation film caught. Mosquito right that Biden passage it's it's really important interesting film about the mosquito who passed it programmatic access to be common man become adulthood. I'm so proud of Brian and so privacy do work in his trajectory it I'm so excited that we can discover that you Hoechst. Hollywood and so that's going to be a name that we're gonna hear about it future. That I know they're not actually keeping keeping along that line. A little bit about and means but particularly. Weights apparently between that and eats. She won first the first black woman and to win. In the writing category for comedies theories ever personal main pack that's yes. Hints she got up there witness I'm sorry which she shared the award at the Quran Koran the Thanksgiving master. Plan and really just put it. I'm black but she really just kind of embraced the army amplify. BTU I T community and she. EU now. Was she was one of those I think we're talking for weeks leading up to to the and it happened. Could this death and tears I gotta follow these suits is in the top you do it. This week I'm excited after 25 years. James Kim announced that Linda Hamilton is doing bad terminator slot yet Yang and so. In the vein of this year we've seen with Wonder Woman which obviously helped break on the bar her for yet superhero films the happening. When indeed behind the camera from the camera now one. I loved this addressing another problem what it is so. Not only gender equality and the fact that when there are basic price that forty years old like Clooney who induced fit easily if. And then also its being an action Jonathan meetings I think she's sixty years old and I think she's gonna kick my butt cancer the other toward him. And now at sixty issue did in nineteen anyone with judgment. Day 34 so basically within her Linda welcome back he. In varying nests and I'm excited. Create real thoughts about dignity that was really. That's a show for the sleep. We'll try to the next. It is this. I'm also like this.

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