'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Cried Over Finale Script

Mann reveals major cast member dies during highly anticipated "Revenge" season finale.
4:58 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Cried Over Finale Script
He -- the tech savvy sidekick to Emily -- on ABC's hit prime -- show revenge. And apparently he's a fan favorite as well with the season finale at fast approaching rumors are swirling all over the Internet about who will get killed off the show. Has the time -- for Nolan. He's. -- experience. Better than me. In recent weeks could be our only chance to bring the -- to his knees. I can't do it. Yeah. Now let's take -- doubt collective breath -- Nolan himself with and hopefully shed some light on these rumours please welcome. Gabriel Mann Gabriel's great to have you here thanks it's a real pleasure being -- what can you tell us -- now and you can't completely give it away we'll. I could tell you everything but have. God yes I would I would quickly be fired and now I wouldn't I wouldn't wanna take the pleasure away from our are devoted fan base that has been tuning in faithfully throughout the season -- Weather about to get a big payoff for there involvement in the -- does it surprise you can't give us any little -- well somebody -- me Kelly I don't know if somebody will absolutely died credited it seems like the body count has been piling up substantially in season two this year and. You know I think the hardest part is that it is one of our core cast members who. We have been working with now for U2 plus years and and he had since it's -- really bittersweet I mean you know on a show like this that that really terrible things are gonna happen but at the same time my life. And that I think is exactly I think that's why one primarily -- a lot of people watched some sort of you know take part in the melodrama of at all but Tom. Yeah I mean definitely I would say some tears were shed when we found out and when we read through the script and it's tough and. Everyone I know I -- I have that -- because you have one of the most stellar wardrobes on the south. Costing -- -- do you get away then at all or -- -- via via satellite I definitely you know he's got away and yet. They you know out of the question would be would I want to. Some of -- and and the -- About would be -- in pieces you know I mean I would may be where shirt maybe not for one side there's -- -- jacket but it what I really Wear it with the coordinating pants and those ranks -- -- probably probably nine you know but I have found that in my -- -- now that. Definitely some of -- style has I think come -- and -- has started to creep and sits in my life slightly. -- you -- well you certainly have great ensemble while trying to -- around watching for that. And I did ask you that if the show is obviously about revenge through your character is very good at it he does it really well. Does that believe -- into your real life at all out of behind the scenes you guys play tricks let me tell. Oh no we definitely play tricks on each other I mean but it it's more like. I believe we were shooting. An episode where Conrad and Victoria. Word going on there -- their second wedding they were getting remarried this season and -- Prankster unsaid is Josh Bowman who seems to be able to pull one over on all of us repeatedly. So we decided maybe we want to turn the tables on Josh and there was this big like. Zombie lake. Creature like mannequin that I don't know why the actor was -- -- Thursday. But -- we hit it in this little bathroom that was under a stairwell and we were doing everything in our power to get Josh to walk into that bathroom because unintentionally -- walked in earlier and everybody heard me scream and I others it is really scary you look like out of a horror film or something like that apart for the show no it had no idea what I don't still don't know -- the zombie Medicare was -- set. So we stuck it in the bathroom and everyone of us were trying to convince Josh to walk in that bathroom some of the time like the fifth person comeuppance that. Josh I don't know there's something like forget what we're trying to lure him into the bathroom with three I think we kept trying to give him more and more water so we need to go on his own and finally we're like. -- -- -- -- -- By the time he walked in there he was like really guys and -- eyes perfect British accents the second -- I don't I had gotten you know we're still gonna guess. -- -- that's I don't know like Gabriel -- thank you so much in the season the knowledge of revenge airs Sunday may twelfth at 9 PME Stearns. Have deceive ourselves what happened yes you will -- -- -- thank you so much thanks exclusion.

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{"id":19052141,"title":"'Revenge' Star Gabriel Mann Cried Over Finale Script","duration":"4:58","description":"Mann reveals major cast member dies during highly anticipated \"Revenge\" season finale.","url":"/Entertainment/video/revenge-star-gabriel-mann-cried-finale-script-19052141","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}