One-on-One With Sugar Ray Frontman Mark McGrath

Think you have big plans for the summer?! Wait till you hear about McGrath's two big projects.
7:21 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One-on-One With Sugar Ray Frontman Mark McGrath
It is summertime and that means of course good times our -- today they have the best summer plans of all -- though. He's on the road with his band Sugar -- -- their under the sun tour and if that's enough he -- what could be one of the biggest TV hits of the season shark NATO to on the side by channel. Our guest today mark regret in the studio mark -- -- -- -- and thanks so much -- haven't I so wanna talk music first under his son out you guys are quite a line from the -- you know that was the idea behind the -- put toward together a couple of years ago it's called the under the sun tore. And I used to celebrate that great music of the ninety's that we all know and love my job this year -- -- -- cracker Blues Traveler Sugar Ray and smash mouth and you know I on the worst sales in the world I'm Mike if you don't like number one songs in the -- -- please -- -- written up in our -- but -- -- and look on people's faces. You forget. Hits and these bands -- you know. That's mentioned just a number ones such a great at a music and it's it's instant hero saga brings up the memories of college days high school days -- here for sound. Some days some memories that you want to forget you you wide availability in my leopard at the ninety's that we get them on back -- like like you sound like -- -- means a lot to people yes -- people -- much means they fly supersonic might hit ever saying. Our -- special moments -- -- got myself so we've released these songs they mean a lot to us who wrote them but -- -- become you know sort of public. The time it's like time -- exactly is the third interview residents is essentially -- here the first results on the -- and I broke up -- -- original creator of that. What he is Shakespeare Manhattan's giant hits and now what's the second actually of under the sun. Has elected the best of my my career. And I'm -- -- to new genres I want and vote on here I want naughty by nature on here. If you've got to -- appropriately is that there really expand what and I wasn't -- whose age rental walls went down like all the like Rocco like pop it all -- -- together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's what been elected do you untoward as well a lot of band members come out smash mouth -- -- with Blues Traveler. Will jail -- cracker it's a fun night I mean we're at their to have fun read and ultimately that's what I'm hoping our audience loves him experience got a favorite song a year on the on the list what we -- -- -- it's fly it's -- -- it took -- around the world I -- Thank the lord above has become a classic -- VH one. Nominated the 52 best song. Of the -- not exactly John no realistic aren't happy 52 on the -- right -- and other top 100 but it he's -- ten years old yet and it's not bad there it is is our moment and you -- incredibly Europe and states there when you're doing these shows -- -- like. Wow what an impact on entire decade every night you know -- a red rocks at the Peter org re campus theater. Or are figured out the -- party Summers stage I mean look at these beautiful staged thousands of people annually can't believe these songs -- wrote I know right was. And people are reacting -- -- an and that's what we're sharing here. We're not promoting your partner you know what you don't hear this here's one you know I want to get you wanna promote a new record -- do your own -- this is a growth rate is. Hits package that's a game here no standing interpretation of but -- more to fly it out of it -- a little -- birds and every morning electric version of -- -- what I. That actually might work there is little of acoustic and dozens of an odd song isn't a song was to be done acoustic that's the about the issue. The string quartet -- this. Is it -- -- -- shark you know to the first shark I mean absolutely blew up. The Twitter -- FaceBook -- -- on this but now shark in -- -- the second what appropriately and besides you know why doesn't want to sleep on -- -- right I would apply -- would -- a clip of your actions technical. -- -- Mass hysteria -- -- -- have you kidding me I mean five going to be a busy alma awards season are. What's crazy was filmed in the psychotic city of Manhattan -- -- and all over the in New York City area and you couldn't make his second one without that without racked up but this is beautiful campus of the C. -- found myself on Broadway avenue in a taxi -- With Judd -- trading dialogue Academy Award winner John Hurt it was -- I'd love it SO we take you see them as statue of liberty being chopped down on what. He gives the identities of how would you not -- -- -- -- -- -- involved it's evolved in a big way and so is that empires he building. -- Citi Field we've got that now we promised in January of February 2014 as you know again. The coldest winters this is not an easy history this supposed to be filmed during spring or -- -- in short sleeves and literally -- -- -- Vivica fox couldn't get the line we -- about twenty pictures like you guys are gonna get our guys -- -- they're gone and -- like them because you look like you're freezing well we were ready it was it was sunny zero it was a the F fifteen below I think very good that we can happen illustrates Judd -- Vivica fox who -- you have in this Robert Klein Richard kind Kelly buzzwords and -- Dixon. This -- -- I mean the whole spectrum of people people banging on doors yet this movie. And speaking -- immediate for -- phenomenon Judah Friedlander. Was involved in the -- one reached out to director watching for shark at all and that's what we got the -- one. That bit that the social outburst on this totally mind well. It's crazy it's what drove the Philip K more than the film itself the -- A lot of the shark movies -- sharp right is not the first one -- -- -- does or asylum the company that makes these. But something about this one that the social media phenomenon I NG -- earnest acting approach he's never winking at the -- takes it very seriously. And made a blow up and you can't watch the second one. Without watching the career you've got to be involved -- social media -- to Twitter ready to face the Brady. Get your popcorn ready for the time your life could make -- a -- weekend -- you know afraid to go in the water -- -- Newport Beach, California I was raised the water and the surfers out now -- when didn't scare me is -- is those rubber shark heads were. I'll be back in the water it is shark you know to the second -- again appropriately named -- -- the sun is the tour mark regret thank you so much have a great summer and you do the same thing is -- appreciated thank you.

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{"id":24237842,"title":"One-on-One With Sugar Ray Frontman Mark McGrath","duration":"7:21","description":"Think you have big plans for the summer?! Wait till you hear about McGrath's two big projects.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sugar-ray-frontman-mark-mcgrath-24237842","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}