Susie Essman on roasting Trump, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Broad City'

Essman discusses the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on "The View."
7:59 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Susie Essman on roasting Trump, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Broad City'
So my bff Susie Essman is here. She's not only one of the funniest people in the country, but she's also an integral part of the HBO series curb your enthusiasm which recently launched it's ninth season. Take a look. Thank you for your season, bro. The real heros are still there. Thank you for your service. This is our friend Larry. Hey, nice to meet Ya. I'm going to excuse myself. What's -- You didn't thank him for his service. Thank you for your service. I didn't need to. You thanked him for his service. Does everybody has to thank him for his service? We had to cut that up. Please welcome the demure genteel Susie Essman. It's hard to find a clip of me wear I'm not bleeped out. The show is on the air for eight years, right? Nine now. Nine now. Yeah. Then he went off the air for a little while. We had a six year hiatus. Then he came back. Yes. Why did he come back? I think he missed me. Layerly loves to be yelled at. Nobody in real life was doing it with quite the pa Nash I was. He came back. Tell us about the phone call you had with him wear he asked you to come back. He never asked me to come back. He just assumed everybody was coming back. He just said we're coming back. He never asked are you available. Guess what. We all showed up. Where are you going to go that's funnier. I get to yell and scream and curse and they pay me. I have to say Susie was always ahead of her time with swearing and cursing. Now you have these girls Amy Schumer has a mouth on her, Chelsea handler. All these girls are out there. She started this 20 years ago. I gotta say I know there's so many fans in the audience. My husband is so thrilled it's back. Every time I hear him watch TV with a huge belly laugh I have foe he's watching it. Your character is known for out LAN dish outfits. That's a good one. Do you have any say in these wardrobe choices? Joy, as a best friend do you condone these chooses. It's a character. Why would joy condone it. Leslie shilling and they gather up everything they can find that's outrageous. We have a five-hour fitting where we laugh the entire fitting. We laugh. We put together these outfits. Every now and then we'll put together an outfit and I go on the set and Larry looks at me and goes you look insane and then I have to change. You are known as we mentioned for the angry outbursts and cursing. Who do you get your inspiration from? Let me think. Who could make me that angry? Could it be someone in the white house. It depends where I'm at. For years I had teenage kids. That was easy. Now I just use the person who was not elected to the white house. You're also on comedy central's broad city which is incredibly popular as well. Are you coming back? Yes. I believe my episode is I think November 8th. I play aye Lana's mom and Fran Dresher is playing my sister. It's great. There I am with my husband in that clip. That show is political and resonates with pop culture. Why do you think it's successful? I think Abby and aye Lana are the outgrowth of what joy and I were doing. Now they have permission to be outrageous and funny. Outrageous only works if you're funny. They're really funny and such dedicated hard working women. People always want to know how we got to where we got. You have this great job at curb. Larry David saw you on a roast. Jerry stiller roast. It was a Jerry stiller roast. You were roasting trump I thought. That was a different roast. This is Jerry still er and we have a clip. This is the trump roast. Can I say you only roast the one's you love or are indifferent too. To trump? Yes. This was pre birther. Let's walk a clip. You having fun? Did you enjoy your lunch? No. I heard your hair ordered the salmon. We met once but you won't remember because you weren't trying to sleep with me. That's okay. I'm not your type. I'm smart and I don't speak English. He was laughing. I believe the comedy central roast you could ask any questions but you couldn't ask about his wealth. It was a long time ago. It was just at the beginning of the apprentice. I don't remember the year. He was actually much more gracious than I thought. He's taken a turn for the worst. What happened? That's what huge ratings do for you. When he came on the show when we first met him he was very amenable in a way. You never see him smile or laugh anymore. As much as I love talking about trump, Susie I hear that's an except about trump from joy's book the gas bag you're going to do a drama I can reading. This is coming out just in time for Christmas gifts. This is about an excerpt of trump being a cartoon character. M is for magoo. He was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. He was a little man who worry glasses but was basically blind. He would drive his car almost crashing or driving off a cliff. Everyone around him was scared to date and in constant pearl. Yet magoo kept right on driving knocking things over. Now with trump I think life is imitating art if you replace the glasses with bad hair and tiny hands. All right. Okay. Is she going to do the audio versions of the book? That was one of the cleaner versionin versionin versions. Enough playing nice. These bitches are going down when Susie and I team up for view's clues best friends edition with Marc Summers right after this.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"Essman discusses the new season of \"Curb Your Enthusiasm\" on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50467625","title":"Susie Essman on roasting Trump, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Broad City'","url":"/Entertainment/video/susie-essman-roasting-trump-curb-enthusiasm-broad-city-50467625"}