'The View' Kicks Off Best Friend Week With Joy's BFF Susie Essman

The comedian joins the co-hosts to help celebrate good friendship and more.
7:51 | 05/09/16

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Transcript for 'The View' Kicks Off Best Friend Week With Joy's BFF Susie Essman
Leave here on the view but the wall we get started with that. I'm does not wish my kid out happy birthday she's gotta be guess call and a few days for Baskett ran errands day we got kids. Okay. Yeah. Outlay she's proud I don't know what to do ING you know he's been doing something some old habits cannot tell you what we're off. I guess what saint Paris I it meant when I think marriage out flat and as I said it's best friends we can't be so please welcome joy is partnering crotch truly up partnering crap if that's that it's Susan yes. Our joy says that yeah let you know she's probably not do not get a little stop we will be best friend by the end my end to try it out yet and I'll be natural want. How. How would you be in friends and touted to me. We met in 1983. And believe and it comedy you. Which is a comedy club you both just started doing stand up comedy the comedy public university and thirteenth street defunct. And also is this is fox. That got out okay wow what look at and lives will Lynn ski and happy I sat I is a little while. Well look at that was that way off Broadway that would girl talk show. The I had a talk show on lifetime back in the 87 and half infected think we have a picture of Larry David who was a I gotta shout yes you write imagine that they look at that. No I'm glad I. I. I have. Larry carrier and I would not each other what at back. Yeah Larry used to come to my house every day and my apartment he'd bring reams and reams of notes right and then we come up we craft to stand up second floor for the shower and the funny thing is it like for many hours he would sit and tell all this like stories about every woman he dated it now went right. And that ended up being George story lines on sideshow Ariel yeah all that stuff ended up being. Real George story as high as one of the stars of Curb Your Enthusiasm I'm. Yet for this year's squeezing it Renault adult net yeah I ask you and I have talent yet sat it out at you on hasn't gotten we have a couple of other throwback but there's one about two of you looking scared can you tell us why you're looking a look at it's probably this is one of the things that would stand up comedians but we like always like nervous about it I gotta remember what I have to talk about what's that they knew that it's not like my it was always a big issue now if she's a so called me up officials say. Although it was a huge dance floor I'll I'll immediately. It's a nice problem and how do you and I. Or what time I had to i.s performed for a very religious group of people. They happen to be religious Jews and I made a joke about the rabbi they want to give back. I said he's not getting his money back I wouldn't give it back but but at they would like that I made a joke about the rabbi the worst is when you're doing stand up and Europe around the pool. I'll and I don't know what. What time in years and years ago it was the fourth of July yeah I was on somebody's deck was one of these private parties and do just because they hate you now because we're all prostitutes have our web. Yeah. And it was fourth of July road and Vanilla Ice set fireworks start going off behind me. Fireplace like book you do there's nothing you could sit there and you're it you're standing there going. I am I'm don't pan out and whenever they say if I'm and then you remember all the check won't brown that's. Just bring in their best friends but as we've compiled a list of secret things apparently doll best friends have done including having extent compensations. What wanna be was PH I think. I'm while they haven't yet clear if any sharing everyone else's secret. Would be job that. You don't have to do need to paint you have to turn the force at odds and yet they think think you're watching them. There are no are you today person but you do it in personal around now ends we not want aren't positive. With the door open I doubt in my free actually she just text me I love you girl she let me stay upper house and she's all the time and like. Why why do you write. Why yeah me. I cut out. Herself free and help but I have no interest in anybody seen even my husband I think you need to have a certain amount of mystery. Can't relationship as I think you have to volatility have left exactly. Great a conversations 5% non nothing that really enjoyed from this list snuggle quick and hated the same people for literally no reason at all Wharton's I'd hate everybody and she understands why I. I. I. Maybe you could find overheat sake people it's very sport it's very it ST I let race I agree Alan Donald Trump is doing I don't think that's right. Yeah. That's. Out. But out there do you in Sydney went about and you guys have extensive conversations while I don't want to urinate in game ready. I guess that's what you're in the morning first thing in the morning I look at my thought and it's Joyce saying art texting you walk she's always up before me. And then we're both getting ready so we'll of course wit wit wit naked we don't now we can underlining again or have over the phone call him I'm nothing. In the same room not. Yeah. It together pretty happy lesbians with his girlfriend asks if not yet and I might like to each other's text and composing response to get I do that all the time when my girls like me a break up with somebody or if they have stopped an argument they don't know how to text properly you guys helped helping each victim with emails about this is a good email to do for somebody would you know that it's usually a business issue. You know what I do Michael Harris and I am like this about symptom most people go on with it day. I called heart you know why I say the pain which led to Chris her thought that was a dock somehow I sought I've seen Osama. Did go to medical school doesn't that get active physician gives you should I thought something war goes yeah. You probably get you give us some budget not dead and I wouldn't expect that we had to sit let me also had a mutual friend used to call would bizarre medical things remember. I've never mind she has helped him. Like Larry David what's called me years ago is Susie I have a sinus infection what should I do. What you did it would assign it a tax cut why calling I think I don't now but I can't have your doctor. I proxy yeah when I added an. One minute well. Aren't tell us what you do with different volatility in anything. No that's why do much friends. The clock now I don't had a phone talk I don't like talking on the fun really apparently. No I'm just you know I'm I feel like I talk all day long. A hot and when I get home. I don't want to abandon my right a right out it's time which it. I just slightly to let it but I'm not gonna say it will but except for the you don't need to what is that big black if that's when the big blacks and my. Oh man having. Let's just like. I'm not not not under that would let you not a one house that Smart and I don't wanna house that I can say it's up into and the house responds I don't want any of that's why one house I wanna flip the light on myself and know who did it yeah. Yeah early and then suddenly Hussein. I was allowed to improve and you get up and all of my I don't want that yeah I haven't not to drop me a little freaky yeah. In Atlanta based picking up bringing it is a big house via free meaning it will be right back when love reading not.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"The comedian joins the co-hosts to help celebrate good friendship and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38986923","title":"'The View' Kicks Off Best Friend Week With Joy's BFF Susie Essman","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-kicks-off-best-friend-week-joys-bff-38986923"}