World's Smallest Sportscaster

3-year-old Ada Foster outraged after bad call during South Carolina Bowl game.
2:12 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for World's Smallest Sportscaster
And today is actually a play. We're going back to new year's day, with the outback bowl. South carolina and michigan. A big fourth and four play. And michigan gets a first down, even though everybody can see the ball was short of that first down marker there. it has to past. Lots of uproar, including from this one living room, where it was all parsed brilliantly, logan faster. And you can see it's supposed to be here. But you see his shoe. And it's in the white and black sock. Uh-huh. Thattball is really not touching that. It's really not because it's closer than that. That's the reset that is touching that ball. But it's really not. Hi, mr. Pole. The football's supposed to be touching you. It's not touching you. I was hoping that we were not asking for. All right. That was logan and ada faster. We got a chance to speak to the parents. We put the tv on hold. And ada and logan started talking about it. She likes to watch them and kind of analyze them. And kind of break them down. And the girls are always with us. So, they always hear that. First of all, they're coming for your job. Take a look. South carolina fans' hearts are broken. The very next play, that happened. Clowney picking it up. This broke twitter. Arguably, the greatest hit in college football histor apparently karma heard ada and logan. Nuanced and subtle analysis. Hey, mr. Pole. You're supposed to touching the football. It's not touching the pole. That's great. Terrific stuff out of you both.

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{"id":18121449,"title":" World's Smallest Sportscaster ","duration":"2:12","description":"3-year-old Ada Foster outraged after bad call during South Carolina Bowl game.","url":"/Entertainment/video/worlds-smallest-sportscaster-18121449","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}