John Travolta talks new movie 'The Fanatic'

The movie star reveals his strangest fan encounters live on "GMA."
6:55 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for John Travolta talks new movie 'The Fanatic'
dance moves of all time and he starred in more than 60 movies. That gave it away. That gave it away there, Amy. Sorry. "Saturday night fever," and now he's starring in the new movie, "The fanatic." He's already getting rave reviews. Please welcome the one, the only, John travolta. How are you? Thank you. Wow. Wow. We love you. We love it when you come. Now that is a good morning thank you so much. I know you're feeling it. We have been following you a little bit on social media. You have been having a fun summer with the family. I have. A little James bond. Well, first of all, it's been a great year on Instagram. Thank you for keeping up with me, and I love being able to give you -- I only do things that are kind of interesting to me on that site, and I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Thank you all for the support. I love the James bond. Yeah, I like that. Yeah, thank you. Classic. We also love the new do or the new non-do. You went hair. This is pitbull inspired, you know. And then you showed off -- tell me how that came about. We became friends three years ago just to be friends, and he's an entrepreneur, and he had this idea of dancing, and we got 9 million hits. Look at that. You still got it. Thank you. Showing off your tango Yeah, and, you know, people aren't dancing anymore. It's time we all dance again. We can do a lot for the country with just some dancing, We could. I love the billboard guy who said, we didn't even know we needed this, and it's true. I even feel it. 25 years since that famous dance with uma Thurman in "Pulp fiction." Can you believe that? Favorite line. Can you repeat it? Oh, yeah. But I love that. Can you believe 25 years has passed? I can't. As you get older, time really goes fast, and the only thing that stops time seems to be pain or discomfort. Other than, that it's like a locomotive, and mom always said, you know, don't rush it. That's true. That's true. It's all, you know, let's enjoy our time with each other and enjoy life. Life is an art. You can enjoy it. Let's talk about "The fanatic." The former frontman for limp business kit, he wrote and directed this with you in mind. Yes. How do you figure that one out? Because I play a manchild in this movie, and he said -- to some degree on the spectrum, but he's such an honest, passionate fan and he's absolutely fascinated with this movie star played by Devon soya, and the timing is off because the movie star mistreats him every time he sees him because he's always kind of timing it wrongly, and he's kind of picked on at work. This -- my character, and when the movie star picks on him, he gets confused and he doesn't understand why this guy he loves so much is mistreating him. So then he goes onto this really interesting trip with this effort to get his autograph. Oh, you set this up really well. Thank you. I love this movie. I mean, I really love this it's one of my favorite movies and I'm happy people are responding to it so greatly. I'm very proud of it, and Fred durst is a fabulous director. He's a good actor too, so he knows how -- he would improvice -- improvise with me, and get me started and you would arrive in character. It was really a great experience. You have whetted our appetite. Would you like to see it a bit? This is "The fanatic." Whoa. Relax. Relax. We have got to get you in line. Have you got the best? We sure do. Is he going to sign? Is he going to sign? Relax. Yo, man. I'm sorry. What the hell? I got markers. Great. Cool. You can use one if you want. Awesome. Wow. So obsessed with this star, he's trying to line up obviously in that scene. Yes. I'm curious that you have had so many years in the public eye. All these iconic roles. What's the craziest thing that you have ever had to deal with, with a fan? Fortunately I have never had a situation that has never been with ill intent toward me at all. A couple of times, years ago, I was a kid, and there was a girl in my closet at the house and she had gotten in somehow. That scared me. Yeah. Another time, a student walked in on the family dinner and I don't know why they were there, but anyway, they weren't ill-intended, you know? This is, you know, we have to expand on the idea in this movie because otherwise you don't have a drama, so it's for that sake, but I have had a -- and, you know, I -- the reason I love this film so much is I am a fan of people. I'm a fan of artists, and I believe that everyone will identify with his passion toward someone that he admires. It's that, when do you do over the line? The movie star goes over the line, and the fan goes over the line, and it's out of a certain confusion, but it's -- how do you measure these lines and how do you navigate within them? They're good people, but, you know, misguided. Wow. I tell you what. You are able to set it up so well. Thank you. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you. Our best to Kelly. Thank you. "The fanatic" will be in theaters on August 30th and on digital September 6th.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"The movie star reveals his strangest fan encounters live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64963273","title":"John Travolta talks new movie 'The Fanatic'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/john-travolta-opens-fanatic-64963273"}