Why Nick Kroll is happy he had to wait for success

The actor also reveals whether Sir Ben Kingsley or Shaq is more intimidating.
7:23 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for Why Nick Kroll is happy he had to wait for success
square this Monday morning. 'Vreat es we're going to bring to the couch. He's a vy funny man.g on aery serious leewovie "Operationnale." Please welcome nic ?????? What's , ma goodo seeyou.hi, back so soon. Yeah. E that. I was just here with ""CL. Ou're a busy man. Am. Needittle motivation on your Monday toet go yes. You poste this video. You said this video does it U. Is going on? There's something about th the's a sonplaying. It's this D and he gets the ll thrown at him a he jus recover. E's somethingut IST I love G with sunasses in a pool Tt videootiv us and our en an audience question. Thrst queionn. Happy be lated bihday, Nick. How did you celebrat I had a big parn los an with a punch of my friends. The B move was at a truck. Pud truck? It's a truck that's fed with pudding. I think it's gre brin ihi it's going to be the Dess I'm calling thend right now. G to be a segment of G. B big yea for E movies, your said you really apprec it's hapning now in your life itead of when Y re younger. Yeah. B work in this industry it'sd some peopleho start you and hit big. Then there are certain expectatio for them thlonger it takes for you to have I think me you appreciate it. E moreou're readyobsorb it and the meom you are ongood mor ACA." I've beenooking and rt th the slor progression has been good for me. Your talent is immense. "Oration finale" tell peoplest Ishere of Adolph Eichman. A bunch of ili secret service went to argenna and captured stand trial for his crimes. You play a real life agent. I do. It stars benkingsley ere it . If it is him, aullet would be easier trailhim. Eichmanill stand trial. A trial will HP put all of this bed. Not every is son balanced a you are. R, isn'tbout you ? Oka I'in. ] Intense. Yes. THAs withar Isaacs. You sai Ben kle vie. W was it wng with It was amazing working with sir Ben king. He's a knht. He cam to the table reading. Before you a movie there's a it out loud. Moeople coming fro ced don't take it that ously. Sir Ben shod U with a other D at down andoo script. Never looked att once he wasff book at ad. Show up forree watnd nd he was ready.ort set T T like, you know, gottaring it. Fome T O with one of the great of all time was Austin. Ou withnother great actor in "Uncle drew,"shaq. I don't kn if showed up at the table ready. Ye. Who was more dating, Shaq orir kingsl? Honestly siren was more indating. You know Shaq. He mak people feel at se he's an incredibly warm guy. Can fit T sir Bens inside one Shaq be ableo work with two PEOP who havbeen sh incrible legen in theirindustries was awesome is one the funniest waesev't he ough? Ke you want to ask a question? Yes. H many rle experiences have youdn show? Aot of experiences from th from my life. The is about mnd my friend Andrew Goldberg childhood. Right. I'm th little one. Now we'r figing andaking out. It's pretty eitingf, H stf. It about kids going through pubtand everytng happens to you. Inson two there's stories me getting pants when I was a little guy. There's a story about, his parents -- his father made his mom his upper lip use he had that little kid moustache. He cld regrow aou R years. He hadullea and then thing on H top lip. We have ulder to that as R tler. Goodorning, Erica. Young our life is a TV S crazy. It's truly my best find. We started doinged to weou talenthow and do sk sktoer. Theact we're making this show anhavingormed each other's sensibilities, it's a dream come true the show across with a lot eart. . re CING in Nick Kroll. So talented ur ran is unlimited.pp youomg in. "Operation Nale" in taters August 29th. Check Ni O coming O five-minute ma

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{"id":57148417,"title":"Why Nick Kroll is happy he had to wait for success","duration":"7:23","description":"The actor also reveals whether Sir Ben Kingsley or Shaq is more intimidating.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/nick-kroll-happy-wait-success-57148417","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}