Men arrested at Starbucks speak out

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson tell "GMA" what happened to lead to their arrest at a Philadelphia Starbucks, sparking backlash for the coffee chain.
7:15 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for Men arrested at Starbucks speak out
attend. Exclusiveith the T men arrested at philadelpa Starbucks one week ago T there for a business meeting when.e led 911 they UND up leavinghetore in handcuffs. The vide viewed nearly 11 million times leading to protest, anger across the on. I spoke with rashon Nelson and dontbinson and their attorney earlier this thank you very much for being he has been quite a week. It has beequite a week. Donte,ou both walk in. You get a table. Rashon, how long was it before you asked T use the rest room? Immediately. Asoons I walked in a stated they were for paying customers only and I left it at that moment. The resnse was, you have to thing. Yes. Theouo and find Donte. Yorethe happenedne We're at the table. We down. We're just talking amongst each other. Know, walks up to us if, you know, she canelp us with anything. Can we start with somenks or water oromething LE that, you ow, we D btles of water with us, so you , we're fine. We're just waiting F meeting. We will be out rally Q type thing. And THAs it. So approximately 4:35 Y rive for a4:45 business meeting. Accordin 911 accounts, a call was plad at 4:37, approximately two minutes after you arrive to 911. Whid you T when you saw lice arrive, Donte? I can't be for sdmrus wey doroach you, what do they do you act? Well, initially as soons they approached us the jus say we have to leave. The was no quenof, you know, W TRE problem here between you G and manager, you know, what pp when you were arrested, did they tell you whatoue being arrested for no, not at the me we wasn't read anyright, nothing. Ou Locke handcuffs behind our B escord and put into a S car. Do you bothnk that store manager called 911? Well, robin, you're ag them to have annibout somebols. The facts speak foremselves. There's not a single witness that say these young men misbing in any way and you can see and hearhat on the video. Well, that video has been viewed almost 11 million times and part of it, Donte, Y C see that you'realkingo the lice offer. Atere you all saying to one another? I was just T to, you know, process tituation to lf at theme base I'm thing boy family that I have, my community, so in tt Mont, I'm trying to process what's going on becau it didn't really hit me what was going on tt it was real until beingble locked and my handhind my back. Donte, did you ate point offeto call the person you were supposed pe with? I know he's shown the videotape. After the first ti, you know, they walk over and the say yavleave. I say we're hereor a meet? What is the business meeting ab ial estate meeting. Ok W been working on this for Mont. W do you say to some people who say rules are ru that Starbucks has a LI, you violatedt pocy.the police asked you reatedly to leave and you didn't. How do you respond to people who say that? What I say is de that, rules are rules,ut what's right is right and WHAs G isrong andinny situion, wheth there'se involved or anything. Ro I'm sorry B what is thatrule Starbucks holds itself open as a place for people to meet and to have publicconversations. Those are words from their website. The CEO, Kevin hnson, said has met with you. You divulge what you discussed? We approached Starbucks andsuggested at engage I ma -- in mediation with the tired fedeludge in Philadelphia and they agreed to that proposal and we art involved in that process. Process require confidentiality. What Yo see happen here,te I want to make sur that this siation doesn't happen again. So what I wan I for a young ma, or young men to N be traumatizedy this and instead noted, sped.nd what do you nt, rashon. So, you know, take this opportunity as atepping stone, you know, tlly stand up and, you know, show your greatness and that you not judged by the color of yourkin as our ancestors were or anyone else. Is is something that's been going on for yrs and everyone is blindo it but they know what's goiif you get wt in.and, you know, just reall ki actions and putting emnto pce and help people understahat it's notust a black people G. This a people thing. And that's exactly what we want ee out this and that's true Ange, so put action into ace andp usingour words. We areciate you using your wos here with us this morning and this discussion and has to be more thaialogue asou said. It has to bection a appreciate your willingness to be a PARTF that. Mr. Cohen, as well, tou ry much. Nk you. Thank Y W know Starbucks has announced already that they plan to close 8,000ocations for an afternoon of racial bs training. Who hasn't spent two minutes wag in astarbucks? Two minutes. And I W people hear that and the fact THA he called the business person they were going meet they WER go meet at 4:45. They G there ten minutes early. Yes, H aed to use the restroom. He claim was NER TD that you had to leave. He justaid that he was -- H said he S told you have to purchase something. But that being said, this is a men where thereas to be chge He decided what kind of action they'll Ta I did ask their lawyer, Stewart Cohen, if they ped or the city and they said that's not what they're thinking about at thtime. Th wt to be a part of the process remembkevin john, the CEO said they wantedhoen brt of the process. They say they'retill working that out and they were going to allows "Gma," to follow Alo low with the and see how thatss plays out. Fascinatisty. Hopefully, know, Michael, come. T men and as you said, said the piece actions, not justords a upnk that's what they're looking foro see really a real change. Not jus Starbucks B I think with -- It's L issue.yo'tabel it on stcks. We'll sck with all the way. Coming U next an exclusive

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson tell \"GMA\" what happened to lead to their arrest at a Philadelphia Starbucks, sparking backlash for the coffee chain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54578773","title":"Men arrested at Starbucks speak out ","url":"/GMA/News/video/men-arrested-starbucks-speak-54578773"}