Tornado takes down trees, power lines in New Jersey

Police shut down streets near Springfield to overhaul debris, and drivers throughout the state made their way through several flash flood alerts.
2:51 | 08/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tornado takes down trees, power lines in New Jersey
We begin with the new severe storm threat from the midwest to the northeast. Overnight rescue crews were busy saving drivers from flash flooding and a tornado touched down in New Jersey. Whit Johnson has more from Springfield. Reporter: That New Jersey tornado was on the ground here for several minutes and take a look at the mess it left behind. Mangled shopping cart, witnesses say they were tossed across this parking lot. Trees snapped in half. All part of a dangerous weather system impacting millions of people. This tornado caught on camera, watch as it touches down in Springfield, New Jersey. Back up. Reporter: Swirling winds sucking up debris at speeds over 70 miles per hour taking down trees and power lines. Police shutting down the street to clean up the aftermath. The twister part of a rush hour blast of dangerous weather across the midwest and northeast. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: One woman driving flew blowing rain and leaves when a large tree limb falls right in front of her. This tall tree toppled. Two officers escorting this woman out of a deeply flooded area. In Hartford, Connecticut, more flash flood triggering late night rescues. This intersection at a standstill. Cars stranded. Rescuers escorting and even physically carrying drivers to safety. And in Virginia, residents slammed with rain, lightning, even hail. While in Wisconsin, a severe summer storm causing widespread power outages, flooding and damage. Vehicles making their way through streets filled with splintered trees. This power line falling on top of a truck. Wisconsin public service reporting nearly 14,000 households without power. This morning, flights are starting to get back on schedule. Still a few hundred cancellations in the U.S. But overnight some people were stranded at New York area airports with delays lasting up to five hours. Definitely disrupp tiff weather there, whit, thank you so much. We bring in ginger now. Another storm is moving in? It's another cold front behind the one we just dealt with that will bring areas like this, Erie, Pennsylvania, was in it but this is over lake Erie where you see that waterspout. There were more than 207 severe storm reports. I think we'll see quite a few again today but it will be again with this next front, so if you are in western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, say Rochester or Buffalo back to northern west Virginia into southern Ohio, watch for damaging winds talking about winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. I show you that yellow blob every day. That can mean that. It can mean the tree falling and the power lines shred and that can happen today in that area, Okay, thanks very much. Now to the fallout from president trump's trip to el

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Police shut down streets near Springfield to overhaul debris, and drivers throughout the state made their way through several flash flood alerts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64849546","title":"Tornado takes down trees, power lines in New Jersey","url":"/GMA/News/video/tornado-takes-trees-power-lines-jersey-64849546"}