Ashley McBryde and Jimmie Allen on Dolly, Maren Morris and the CMAs

The country stars talk about McBryde's nominations, Allen's engagement and more
7:23 | 08/28/19

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Transcript for Ashley McBryde and Jimmie Allen on Dolly, Maren Morris and the CMAs
earlier today announced some of the cma nominations on "Gma." Give it up, everybody, for Jimmie Allen and Ashley Mcbryde. Thank you. And before we get started, first of all, I'm excited you're both here. Thank you. Congratulations, Ashley, you were nominated for your first cma. So, I'm wondering, I know you know when the nominations are coming out, you wake up that morning and you're trying not to think about that, I'm sure, when you hear your name called when you're nominated, how do you feel? My knees got wobbly. I kind of blacked out for a minute. I was very nervous about reading nominations myself and I got my good buddy next to me and he said my name in one of the categories, he tonight look at the card. Evidently, my team knew. That's superrisky, because I have a very quick-fire mouth and something could have happened but it didn't. And my mother was watching. Thank you, mom. We got to see you find out on "Gma" and then actually Carly had a really cool reaction of her finding out, I think we have a clip. Ooh! What? Yeah. Oh, that's awesome. Everybody was excited. I would be, too. We also love love here, and Jimmie, you recently popped the question? I did, I did, I did, I did. Yeah. Give us the juice. Well, I kind of planned it out. I texted her parents. I called her dad. I'm kind of old school. So I called her dad, we had a phone conversation, told I wanted to marry his daughter. Awesome. So, we -- so we -- we -- we got our families to fly down there. I got my mom -- that's my mom standing behind me, and that's her dad. You know, I had this speech written, man, this is going to be amazing. Like, she's going to tear up when she hears I I drop down on my knee to ask the question, I was like, uh -- so you know I love you, right? You make me a better man. And then I just grabbed the ring, oh, yeah, will you marry me? She's crying and stuff. We did it at Disney in front of the castle. I've been to Disney world 49 times between 2012 and now. I'm obsessed. That Disney backpack did not give that away. Oh, my gosh. That backpack has 20 compartments. I put a quarter here, quarter here. My bank account is kind of low. A quarter here, a dollar here. That's cool stuff. Something really cool, all female hosts. Carrie Underwood, dolly parton. Reba Mcentyre. It's going to be amazing. What can we expect? This is three different eras of the best we have. Yes, yes. Without a doubt. I think we can all agree, dolly, queen. Reba, queen. Carrie, queen. Carrie can stand in between those two ladies and hold her own. I don't know -- Yes, you could. Reba has this magical power. Dolly can make anyone feel comfortable. Reba, same personality, but she has this magical ability to make me stutter and in fact, the last time I saw her I tried to say hi and I kind of bar -- Kind of like his wedding proposal. I was talking into a microphone. In my heart, I wanted to say, hello, how are you? It's been a while since I have seen you. I'm talking her, anything you want to say? That means you just really love her. I did a show that one of them were on, I was so excited. My mother was like, my daughter loves you so much and I was like -- it really happens. Remember those commercials with the eggs, this is your brain and this is your brain on drugs, like, this is brain when Reba talks to you. And you can prepare yourself all you want. When I meet this person, I'm going to be cool, listen here, the first time -- my favorite band of all time is matchbox twenty. I wanted to get into music because of Rob Thomas. First interaction with rob Thomas was on Instagram. He followed me. I couldn't even talk. I screen shot it. I sent it to my friends. Rob Thomas. Did you meet him yet? We met. We're actually doing a Christmas song together. What? That's sick, man. That's sick. Maren Morris with the most nominations, what do think the chances are? We have all heard her sing. She's a powerhouse. This girl has range. Maren Morris, as high as she can sing she can do that just on the low side. I had a chance to sing with her a couple weeks ago in a cool studio environment. I'm a fan. I know she's doing this all-girl tour. I was begging my booking agent, I was like, listen, I know she's doing this all-girl tour, let me get five minutes to open up. I'm a huge fan of her songs, her voice is definitely captivated. She definitely earned every single inch she's ever gotten. I think her having the most nominations is a really good thing. It's good to see what I love that I'm seeing at the cmas this year from the hosts to the two female nominees we have it's, you know, I have so many male artists, you know, we do it ourself. We try to be advocates for more women on radio, you know. Yes. Yes. On country radio. And I'm like, it's cool to see you know, this is like cmas making a statement with the hosts saying, you know what, there are so many girls, you know, listening to country radio wanting to be a country artist I feel like representation is so important. When you look to something and you don't see anyone looks like you, it can kind of diminish your dreams. The same with Darius, myself, Tony Jackson, where there are other black kids around the world that want to be country artists, if we weren't able to be in this position how could like at this genre and say I want to be in it? It's good to see cmas stepping up. You're both great representations of country music. And thank you both for being congratulations on your nomination. Jimmie put you on that all-women crew. Five minutes is all they need. Five minutes. Catch the cma awards live on November the 13th right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The country stars talk about McBryde's nominations, Allen's engagement and more","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65244638","title":"Ashley McBryde and Jimmie Allen on Dolly, Maren Morris and the CMAs","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/ashley-mcbryde-jimmie-allen-dolly-maren-morris-cmas-65244638"}