New year, new do: Tips to pump up your ponytail

Celebrity hair stylist Takisha Sturdivant shares the biggest trends for hair in 2019 and easy ways to give your hair a new look.
3:52 | 01/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New year, new do: Tips to pump up your ponytail
Now to -- from a new show to a new hairstyle. Ponytails are all the rage in 2019 which is good news for me because I can't do my hair. Hair to show us how to pump up the classic look is celebrity hairstylist Takisha sturdivant-drew, good morning. Good morning. How are you? Exciting for people who are low maintenance on the weekends but can step it up and make it look like you had it professionally done in oh, yes. Our first ponytail is from something that Instagram stars like, right, it's called the sparkle ponytail. A high ponytail -- is there high jewel ponytail. There you see it. Now we did the same look on our models and show us how we dit. How you can re-create the look is you have to start with a good flat iron first so I used a vibra straight pro to smooth out her hair and give it this beautiful healthy shine and then I used the ponio -- sorry, then I combed it up with a fine tooth comb as can you see, wrapped it around with a ponio and last but not least what I did was use this beautiful blinged out glam by ponio to put it on. It looks like a gracelet. We can turn around for the full look. She looks like a princess and beautiful hair doesn't hurt on that one at all. So we have Blake lively who donned a bubble ponytail -- No, no, this is the model. We'll show it as we go. Right now I put on the ponio. As you can see, it's so great for the hair, it's healthy. Easy to adjust and adds volume to the hair instantly. So I did that. Okay. And now she's going to show you how to put the bling on by ponoi. It's magnetic. It automatically clips on. Ooh. Very easy to do at home. So easy. Love that. I skipped ahead because I love Blake lively. Let's take a look at her picture. She had a -- oh, wow, a bubble ponytail so how can we do this? We want to see how it's done at home. The bubble ponytail is great because this is Siobhan, my second model. Great way to update your look and it's fun and it's one of the hottest ponytails people are wearing in Hollywood. She'll take a section of her hair and wrap it around in three parts. You can use whatever elastic band you want, whatever works for you, you should use it or use a tie then she loosens up the hair some here to give it that bubble effect. I can tell, she's done it before. She is a pro. And now look. Beautiful. I love that. Gorgeous. You have to have long hair to pull that off? No you can do it with shorter hair. Just will be a shorter ponytail but hers is shorter as you can see. Gorgeous. I love that. You can also have wavy hair. That was so nice. Okay. So this one is for me. The final ponytail is fit for a woman on the go. All right. Even duchess Meghan wears this look. Yes, we love her. Don't we? We do. We try to show a picture of her at least once a day. A tossled ponytail is great. It's a great way to -- I can't even say it, minimally -- It's a hard word. To bring it down. I teased the hair in the center and what she's going to do is just brush the hair around the hairline, gather it all into one to have it very messy but still pretty. Do you need to like obviously you need to blow it out, maybe tossle it. That's all it takes. I can do that. I can do that, Takisha. Thank you so much. Thank you to our models. From new hair to new food we

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Celebrity hair stylist Takisha Sturdivant shares the biggest trends for hair in 2019 and easy ways to give your hair a new look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60157427","title":"New year, new do: Tips to pump up your ponytail","url":"/GMA/Style/video/year-tips-pump-ponytail-60157427"}