Audra McDonald Wins 6th Tony Award for Role in 'Lady'

Broadway star wins best dramatic actress award for her portrayal of jazz legend Billie Holiday.
3:51 | 06/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Audra McDonald Wins 6th Tony Award for Role in 'Lady'
up the prize for best dramatic actress for playing Billie holiday and topping Angela LAN lansbury and so many are talking about her emotional acceptance speech. Listen to what she thanked her parents for. I wanted to thank my mom and my dad up in heaven for -- for disobeying the doctor's ors and not medicating their higheractive girl and finding out what she was into instead and pushing her into the theater. That's an important thing to remember right there. That's something. It really is. And her entire speech and there's just something about her. I know a lot know her from TV but you should go -- do yourself a favor and see this woman on Broadway. Incredible. Incredible. And harnessing that energy into yet another performance. What she said about her parents. You know, there are a lot of people who believe in medicating their children and she was just a shout-out and saying, hey, that's not always the case. Found out what she cared about. Such an individual personal decision. A new study indicating more are turning to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to looking for love online. "The Washington post" breaking down the research revealing that now more people are having success in social networks than traditional dating sites. According to the study nearly 21% discovered their spouses online and tied the knot between 2005 and 2012 met through social networking sites. Do you think most people are using social networking sites to find a match or life or a match for the next couple of hows? For a moment. That's to be debated. Speaking from -- not personal experience, just research gathered over the year. Yeah. This was a legitimate study. It was authored by a university of Kansas professor and found this number represents about the same amount of people who met offline through school. See. You have shared interests, shared passions. Had happens. You reconnect with people from high school you might not otherwise have been able to if you moved away. Yeah, I totally believe that. I love how your little mind works. He's working the sixth day this happens. I read an article -- have you heard of -- there's an app called tinder like tells you about people in your neighborhood. I don't think that's looking for a meaningful rela pto too that.tay of the tinder conversation. I -- Is that that bad? We digress. Burning up "The heat index" our own ginger zee. She found her match. Photos that we are so happy. They did not -- They're trending all overline. Ginger and her now husband Ben tying the knot in an intimate affair in her home state of Michigan. Looks beautiful. We miss you. Walking down the aisle she wore a pinin ache gown along the shore of lake Michigan. I love this one. After saying "I do." Very small wedding, a55 guests dancing to her brother's band the outer vibe and called the night perfect. Not surprisingly the weather was just perfect. I ran into them on the street and I was talking to Ben, this was a couple of weeks ago asking how he's feeling. He said I'm anxious. I said, what are you anxious about. I just want to get married to this woman. I just want to have it over with. They are so beautiful. On their honeymoon and hopefully not watching this right now.

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{"id":24058236,"title":"Audra McDonald Wins 6th Tony Award for Role in 'Lady'","duration":"3:51","description":"Broadway star wins best dramatic actress award for her portrayal of jazz legend Billie Holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/audra-mcdonald-wins-6th-tony-award-role-lady-24058236","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}