Dow Approaches 15,000: Is it Sustainable?

Rebecca Jarvis discusses the soaring market and how it affects your investments.
1:04 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for Dow Approaches 15,000: Is it Sustainable?
your money. Growing on wall street. Overnight, global stocks rose again, reacting to friday's euphoria that sent the markets soaring to new heights. Can the dow finally top 15,000 today and stay there is this rebecca var voice at the stock exchange right now. Rebecca, good morning to you. Reporter: Josh, good morning. At this moment, stocks are pointing towards a dow 15,000 day. To put this record run into perspective, if you invested in march 2009, by today, you would have more than doubled it. IF YOU HAVE A 401(k) AND YOU HAD Your monek#w course of the financial crisis, you have more than recovered the retirement savings. You're up a little bit on the year. For this to continue, you have to see a continuation of improvements in both jobs as well as housing. Right now, 11.7 million people are without a job. We need to see those improvements for wall street to be even more optimistic.

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{"id":19115794,"title":"Dow Approaches 15,000: Is it Sustainable?","duration":"1:04","description":"Rebecca Jarvis discusses the soaring market and how it affects your investments.","url":"/GMA/video/dow-jones-industrial-average-15000-record-high-average-19115794","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}