Elon Musk Tweets About Digging Tunnel in LA

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:22 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Elon Musk Tweets About Digging Tunnel in LA
And we are back with our big board. Rebecca Jarvis, Jesse palmer here at the table. We'll talk to rich Besser in a little bit as well. We want to start with the latest surprise from Elon Musk. The billionaire behind the Tesla and spacex. Now let loose with a series of trees saying he wants to dig a tunnel from his office to the L.A. Airport. I guess that's one way to beat traffic. One way to beat traffic from the guy who wants to colonize Mars. He has to deal with earthly problems like traffic and most of us while we might be frustrated by it we might even tweet about it as he did in December that traffic was driving him nut, very few would take the action that he says he is taking so he tweets back in December, traffic is driving me nuts. I'm going 0 build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging. Guess what, over the weekend he tweeted that the tunnel is under way. He said we're beginning digging -- He's not serious. Somebody even on Twitter asked him about this. He said exciting progress on the tunnel front. Plan to start digging in a month or so. This person tweets him, so, you were serious like seriously serious? He tweets back,up. Okay. So I love this more down to Earth project. What kind of obstacles will he face if he is actually going to do this? This is a huge project. A huge undertaking. It costs millions just to dig one mile underground. There are also permits, believe it or not. Digging rights if it's not your land. It's actually his land. He's starting it rightout side of his building outside of the spacex building on crenshaw to L.A.X. But there's still permitting issues and still have to get a permit even if it's your land. This is a personal tunnel. Well, for the moment, George. He might -- it might be available to some of us. We just have to wait and see. Okay. We'll be watching. All right, Rebecca, thank you. Coming up next we have that health alert about the flu. Officially reaching epidemic levels. The virus sending thousands to hospitals. The number of deaths increasing and Dr. Besser is going to join us now. Dr. Besser, how concerned should we be about this year's flu season given those numbers? Yeah, I mean we've been talking about the flu on "Gma" for the past few weeks but now the CDC says it's hit epidemic levels. That means that flu and pneumonia account for at least 7.3% of all deaths in the country. And we can expect that to continue probably for the next couple months. But look at this map. You'll see the states that are affected at high levels right now, New York City and ten states have high levels of flu. Before this is over every state will have been affected. And not too late to get a vaccination? No, you know, we talk about the best time to get it being between Halloween and Thanksgiving. But January is not too late to get the flu vaccine. We have more time that flu will continue to circulate. The other thing to realize is you can get flu more than once. The main strain going around but other strains can come around too. If you're pregnant, elder DI, a young child or someone with asthma or heart disease you definitely want to get this. And then, remember, it can take two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. If you get sick with the flu stay home so you don't infect other people. Good advice, rich Besser, thanks very much. Coming up next counting down to the super bowl. New England patriots owner Robert Kraft gave an interview to "The New York daily news" and Jesse we are with that. He has a chance to win his fifth super bowl and once had a close partnership with Roger Goodell. He was livid and outspoken about the penalty as seed with deflategate. They were fined a million dollars, lost a first round draft pick, and he said he's not sure if his relationship can ever be the same. He says like his quarterback Tom Brady, he's going to try to compartmentalize everything and try to focus on the future, remain positive but he does admit as a native new Englander that's probably easier said than done. There could be an interesting moment in the patriots win the super bowl, Roger Goodell will have to hand that trophy to Robert Kraft. Could be a very bitter moment for one, sweet moment for another. I like how you put that. Tom Brady, the oldest guy in the super bowl, let's tick with that age theme because move on to tennis. We have Serena Williams and Roger Federer just took grand slam wins open despite their ages and now there is word that Federer might retire. Hinting maybe at retirement during his acceptance speech at the Australian open. We're not sure -- we don't know for sure. What we do know is this, he's 35 and had to wait five years to win his 18th major. Injuries are now become a factor in Roger Federer's career. That happens for any athlete in any sport. You fight against father time and your body starts to break down. He came back from a six-month absence because of an injury, the longest of his career. In most people's mind I think Roger Federer is considered the greatest of all time. I think that epic five-set match was so big for him because it was against his arch-nemesis and rafa Nadal. As a fan of sport, I love greatness. I love watching Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, I wish they could play forever but, unfortunately, that's not how it works in sports. Do you go out on top? That's the overall question. It's very hard to tell these athletes that are so competitive and dedicated their entire lives to championships and winning for a sport they're so passionate about to ever stop. I hope Roger Federer keeps going. They are representing the 30-year-olds. I'm really impressed. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Coming up, ginger has the

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