Fire Chief: MacNeil 'Was So Disruptive... I Removed Him'

Testimony in the Martin MacNeil murder trial zeroed in on his behavior the day his wife died.
3:29 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fire Chief: MacNeil 'Was So Disruptive... I Removed Him'
case of the utah doctor and sunday school teacher accused of killing his wife. Aditi roy has the details. Reporter: Martin macneill was loud and historical the day his wife died. Those were the words of several first responders testifying at the former doctor's murder trial tuesday. He was so disruptive, to the crew, that the fire chief removed him from the actual patient care scene. Reporter: Emergency officials arrived after the youngest MacNEILL, EDA, DISCOVERED Michele in the bathtub in april of 2007. I was concerned about my safety. I couldn't predict what was actions was going to be. Reporter: Macneill is accused of giving his wife a deadly dose of prescription pills, while recovering from a face-lift, one prs say he insisted she have. His defense attorney says he's innocent, michele died of a heart problem. Police investigator dan becksford said, I'm was IMPOSSIBLE TO calm MacNeill down. He was blurting out, why did you have to have the surgery? Why are you on so many medications? Reporter: The final witness, a nurse practitioner who worked with MacNeill. He said that the prominent physician asked to prescribe valium for michele. I was uncomfortable with the quantity. Reporter: Some witnesses have fuzzy memories of the scene six years ago. They probed witnesses about what michele was wearing. Some gave conflicting testimony. You testified that her hair was wet and her clothes were completely dry. Correct? Yes. Do whether or not it was wet or dry or something else? It was wet. All of the clothing was extremely wet. Reporter: Testimony could reach a dramatic peak later this WEEK, when MacNeill's daughters may take the stand. For "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. Let's talk to our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. A lot for the jurors to sort through. What about this behavior by MacNEILL WHEN THE EMERGENCY Responders were there. His behaving in a bizarre fashion. That's interesting. But the really important point is while this is happening, he is screaming, why did you have the surgery? Or why did you have to do that? Et cetera. Why that's so important? Because prosecutors believe they can prove that he's the one that wanted her to have the surgery. He pushed her to have the surgery. So, this notion that he's screaming as if he's so sorry that she had to go through with this, prosecutors believe they'll be able to show that that was all part of the ruse. Not about the disruption. About that fight. And how might they defend against that? He's going to say and the defense is going to say, when something like this happens, people say crazy things and do crazy things and act in crazy ways. But the problem is, this is one piece of the puzzle the prosecution is putting against him. They are going to piece together, not just with regard to the surgery, but the drugs. And you heard in the piece there, this is the beginning of the prosecution trying to establish that it was martin MacNEILL WHO WAS PUSHING DOCTORS To prescribe her drugs that they would not have ordinarily prescribed for this kind of procedure. And prosecutors believe that's important because that was part of the plan. Okay. Dan abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Testimony in the Martin MacNeil murder trial zeroed in on his behavior the day his wife died.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20654924","title":"Fire Chief: MacNeil 'Was So Disruptive... I Removed Him'","url":"/GMA/video/fire-chief-macneil-disruptive-removed-20654924"}